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1131[ksurf] Re: Help me please!!!

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  • Michel Montmigny
    Jan 12, 1999
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      Steve Shapson wrote:
      > Ram air foils(kites) do work better for upwind, but they don't relaunch
      > off the water. Foils are great for snow, grass or hard surfaces.
      > However, I would like to hear from people about how easily you can
      > relaunch the Wipika. I am considering this sail for water kiteskiing
      > and kitesailing.
      > Steve Shapson
      > Force 10 Foils
      > www.execpc.com/~force10
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      > Software:
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      Hello Steeve,

      Here Michel Montminy from CONCEPT AIR TRACTIONtm KITES.

      As you probably know, we do work very hard in developping soft kites for
      any purposes that exist.

      Since July 1998 we do have a waterstart kites (no balloon)that really
      work very well.
      And we also practice kitesurf since one year and we do have practice it
      in any conditions.
      And I can insure you that TRACTIONtm kites can be relaunched from water
      at 70%. For sure the pilot has to control it perfectly but it's working.

      We use both systems handles or bar to ride.
      Handles in 4 lines give a better and faster control.
      Bar is a lot smoothest.

      I know that I dont answer to your question, but I fund it very important
      to tell you that foils CAN relaunch from water.

      Have very nice breeze


      eGroup home: http://www.eGroups.com/list/kitesurf
      Free Web-based e-mail groups by eGroups.com
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