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1123[ksurf] Re: Help me please!!!

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  • srosso@bunge.com.br
    Jan 12, 1999
      JIBE :
      Same problem with 15 m lines its really difficult to jibe .
      Use 40 m .
      1 Place the kite half way , between the water and the top .
      2 Take you back foot out from back footstrap .

      AHA ! I forgot to tell you this martin - you have to take your back foor
      out of the strap before you start your jibe - you mentioned you kept your
      feet in the straps throughout the whole turn ! I imagine you have a hard
      time getting your feet out once you are twisted !

      sorry - this is something we windsurfers take for granted because you need
      the extra pressure on the inside rail !

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