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10920[ksurf] Re: Big foil and IO BAR CORRECTION

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  • Steve
    Mar 2, 2000
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      How much resistance do these universal's have? what happens when you are
      hands off - hooked into harness loop - do they go forward under line
      pressure? If so doesn't seem to me that they would work well on a sled.
      the pull on the outside lines must be quite a bit stronger than brake lines
      of a foil since outside lines on a sled lead to the leading edge.
      Have you actually used this bar on a wipi, naish, or davinci??

      Steve Swartz
      Carson City, Nevada USA

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      Date: Wednesday, March 01, 2000 10:55 PM
      Subject: [ksurf] Re: Big foil and IO BAR CORRECTION

      >Thats right when you push the handles you can see the angle change, NO
      >QUESTION...You are sheeting out this foil(because of its bridle) and the
      >kite sort of slides to "the Edge" sort of effortlessly while continue
      >pointing high...The key I believe is having slight tension in brake
      >lines....It works amazingly well...

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