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10854[ksurf] Re: Low Wind 7.5 Naish AR5 Report

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  • KiteBoard@aol.com
    Mar 1 7:33 PM
      In a message dated 00-03-01 18:45:36 EST, boomjib@... writes:

      << I have let the 11.5 and the 5.5 luff up into the middle of the window while
      hooked in to the trim harness. It just flys up luffs and drifts back enough
      to where the wind catches it again. It never has turn under or folded ,
      so far .Unlike my foils. >>

      I crashed the 7.5 twice today on the beach, while messing with the middle
      line trying to get the back lines tight enough for responsive steering
      without too much power while attaching the boardleash & getting into the

      << How about a small pulley with the middle lines connected ,have the middle
      leader longer; running through the pulley back to bar with some sort
      of cleat. >>

      That's similar to what's on the photo I found on the web (don't have address
      here - it's at work - I found it by going back through the archives of the
      list). It gives you a 3:1 purchase, which I think is overkill. You should
      be okay with 2:1 or less. Apparently Ken uses a harness line buckle. Make
      sure you use components with sufficient WORKING LOAD (some marine pulleys
      have very high breaking strength, with working loads under 500 pounds).

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