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10820[ksurf] Re: Low Wind 7.5 Naish AR5 Report

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  • KiteBoard@aol.com
    Mar 1 10:57 AM
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      In a message dated 00-03-01 13:43:11 EST, boomjib@... writes:

      << what knot did you have the center lines on ? Stock! >>

      No, but that's irrelevant with an adjustment cleat. As I mentioned, I tried
      it at every possible AoA setting, from front lines slack (max. AoA) to back
      lines slack (min. AoA).

      Again, it may have been to light/gusty (our typical 15-25 on the beach is a
      lot better than the 5-10 that day) or I may have been too "chicken" (SEEMED
      about to luff so I turned BEFORE it did, but maybe it wouldn't have).

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