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10787[ksurf] Re: sheeting in & out

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  • Dr. Stan Schiller
    Feb 22, 2000
      THE sheeting out feature of a Naish is a superb feature...With the Naish
      when you are overpowered to the max you HAVE TO UNHOOK..On the beach no
      problem, but when you are flying at top speed you have to unhook and
      hook into trim harness line in order to depower......It sounds easy but
      when you are totally maxed out with power, its not that easy....
      With an Advance Io bar the kite responds far more efficiently than
      with the naish bar...You simply pull back on handles, and now you have a
      new method of turning kite.. Pull brake with right hand while lettting
      off with left hand and now the kite responds far more efficiently than
      with naish bar....We flew Seasmik, and the sheeting or braking system
      was unbeleivable, sheet in sheet out just by pulling or pushing on outer
      hanldes, and never, never, not even once did we have to unhook, in order
      to depower........
      Davincis should work just as well with an IO bar..We are currently
      waiting on Davincis to arrive...they are 4 line and have sheeting
      The Naish, Seasmik, (and Davincis in March) are all excellent 4 line
      kites for sheeting in and out, just depends on what method you want, ie
      the bar...
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