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    There are some errors in this but I need your input One Thing A Forerunner is one that must understand the purposes of God. Forerunners will be a people of one
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      There are some errors in this but I need your input

      One Thing

      A Forerunner is one that must understand the purposes of God.
      Forerunners will be a people of one thing. "One thing I ask of the
      LORD , this is what I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD
      all the days of my life...One thing God has spoken...only one thing
      is needed...One thing I do know. I was blind but now I see...one
      thing I do: Forgetting what is behind...do not forget this one
      thing." God is not intersted in our complex theological and
      philospical ideas about the things of God. He is interested in the
      One thing. He is calling us to be preach the simple gospel an eight
      year old can grasp. Through out scripture, people missed God by being
      too theological and in these days we will too. Beware of preachers
      than make the message of the cross a test of logic and reasoning!

      One Thing I ask...

      David has gave us a mission statement for our generation. Our
      mission statement is to dwell in the house of the Lord all the days
      of our lives, to behold the man Jesus, and to see Him high and lifted
      up in our lives and hearts! God has called us and formed us as a
      generation to be lovesick worshippers of Jesus Christ. The call is
      going forth across the earth for a generation that will be like Mary
      of Bethany. The Call is for a people that want to ravish the heart of
      God. The call is an old as mankind itself and needed as the air you
      are breathing this moment.The reason we must be lovesick worshippers
      is we must encounter the Man behind Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. We
      must know Jesus was our best friend. He tells us "I no longer call
      you servants, because a servant does not know his master's business.
      Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned
      from my Father I have made known to you." [John 15:15] What a
      concept! Jesus does not want servants, He wants friends! For
      centuries the men and women of Church History have been servants of
      God but Jesus does not want that. The longings of the heart of the
      Lamb of God is for deep friendship with you and me. Forerunner will
      be and must be "Friends of the Bridegroom." [John 3:29] The only way
      we can hope to ever fulfill the calling of the End Time generation is
      be lovesick worshipping friends of Jesus Christ!

      With Mary of Bethany comes Martha. Open your history books and
      you will see all the Marthas' of the generations. There has alway
      been men and women that work for God in devotion. You will also find
      there has been a lack of men and women of faith that work with God.
      We have to perish work ethic and be awakened to the love ethic. We
      are not called to be workers of God but lovers of God. Forerunners
      will do great works for humanity but it must be rooted in lovesick
      worship. Martha was so busy serving the God who she loved that she
      almost missed that same God. It has become reality that many people
      that do great works for the sake of Jesus Christ will not have a
      share in the eternal life of Heaven. The only way to heaven is
      through "by grace you have been saved, through faith...not by works,
      so that no one can boast." [Ephesians 2:8-9] Works are great but
      Jesus Christ died on the cross in vain in that is what gets us in
      right standing with our Maker. Most people sitting in the pews every
      Sunday know that works are like fifthy rags to God but they still do
      works in hope of God's stamp of approval. They confess grace with
      their mouth and profess works with their lifestyle. If one wants to
      know God's greatest calling for your life, it is to sit at His feet
      and say "I Love you, I Love you, I love you." It is not to be Martha
      running the countryside in hopes of getting God's approval.
      Forerunners must be rooted in the reality of "Place me like a seal
      over your heart, like a seal on your arm; for love is as strong as
      death, its jealousy unyielding as the grave. It burns like blazing
      fire, like a mighty flame." [Songs of Songs 8:6] Lord, turn the
      Marthas' into Marys' in this generation!

      The Proper place for the Mary vs. Martha paradigm is a look at
      the heart of God. We can not change the problems of the world no
      matter how hard we try. God saw the problems of the world instead of
      sitting at a round table with all the experts of humanity, he died
      for their problems. Mankind, and especially christian statesmen, have
      a desire to transform the world through doing good deeds and noble
      cuases. This is the Martha sydrome. The proper approach to the
      social, political, and cultural issues is not lobbying your local
      senetor or rallying for the life of the unborn. It is going to the
      Cross with the issues and praying "Here I am to worship you, Jesus.
      By the way, you have some problems in the kitchen." When we do this,
      the Lord may reply with a directive word about how to transform the
      issues of life. When we do this type of ministry, it will be done in
      wholehearted devotion to God instead of legalistic workmanship to
      God. God is not interested in your work ethic one bit.

      Walking in God's realm

      When we walk in total surrender to Jesus Christ, the Bridegroom;
      We will face with a maximun: Why do we as a people live on this hell
      bound earth? What is the purpose of our lives as believers and as
      especially as forerunners? This is a question that was answered some
      1915 years ago by the Apostle John. John told us "The Son of God
      appeared for this purpose, to destroy the works of the devil." [1
      John 3:8, NASB] The words translated works here means litterally
      works by hand, art, industry, or mind. Jesus Christ, the very Spirit
      of Revival, is mantifested to destroy the work of demonic industries,
      arts, and mindsets. If the Jesus Christ dwells within us as we claim
      He does, we have been placed on this earth as vessels to rip down
      demonic industries, arts, and mindsets as well. Our purpose for
      living as forerunners is to destroy the works of the devil and
      Jezebel in our land! Believers can quit seeking what the purpose of
      God is for their lives and just start attacking the industries of
      demonic influence in their land. God is calling us to attack the
      pornographic industry head on. This is a calling of the Lord. Another
      realm on God's agenda is destroy the abortion industry. We are
      ordained by God himself to destroy the devil's industries.

      There is another reason the Son of God was mantifested. Jesus
      said "the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost." [Luke
      19:10] The pimary item of God's agenda for Christ was the save the
      world from the flames of hell through the cross. This is the reason
      preachers must get back to the message of Calvary.To seek something
      it means to desire that thing. Jesus came becuase He desires
      humanity. His desire for you goes beyond just a simple wishing to be
      romanced by you. He saved you as well. His desire for humanity turned
      into a fatal longing for you. He went to Golgotha, the place of
      death, becuase of His desire to be romanced by you and me.

      Our purpose as believers and forerunners are to desire the lost
      and hurting people of humanity to romanced their Creator, Jesus
      Christ. Forerunners will be the altar itself. We will be the meeting
      place for hurting humanity and the healing Jesus. The Kingdom of God
      is not a building nor a religious order, the Kingdom is a people that
      walk in the authority of King Jesus! We exist to desire hurting
      people to romance and be romanced by Jesus, the Bridegroom. We must
      desire the world to be reached before we can say the world need
      Jesus. It all begins with a desire that becomes a passion!

      There is a promise to all believers of these purposes. Saul of
      Trasas was a man that was the Charles Manson of his day. He maded a
      profession out of killing christians in the Middle East. After being
      knocked off his high horse on a mission to kill God's people he
      penned these words as an Apostle of the Faith: "we know that in all
      things God works for the good of those who love him who have been
      called according to his urpose." [Romans 8:28] We have heard these
      verse quoted more than we care to hear sometimes. The verse is a
      promise WITH a condition. The promise is everything will work for us
      and not against us but the condition is that we love God, we are
      called, and we are walking in the purposes of that calling. If we are
      outside God's purpose of His calling, we have no promise of
      protection and provision. The greatest purpose of the Church is to
      romance God and romance the hurting people of this world! If we
      choose to not walk in this calling, we have no promise of provision
      from God. His promise are designed for His Purposes!

      Better is one day

      For several years, there has been a popular song with the
      words "Better is one day in Your courts, Better is one day in your
      house, Better is one day in your courts, than a thousands elsewhere."
      There words by recording artist, Charlie Hall has been ringing loud
      and clear in this last generation. We can only hope to establish
      God's purposes and will on the earth through a bridal love for Jesus.
      We have to go forth and transform the hellish societies we live in by
      walking in the presence of God. Living in a heart of worship and
      prayer will be critical for forerunners becuase this only way we can
      fufill our destiny as a people is through a lifestyle of God's
      presence in our lives. We will never be the fiery evangelists God has
      predestined us to be without being first lovesick worshippers and
      devoted intercessors. Forerunners will refused to preach the gospel
      of the Cross without the presence of the Man that died on that cross
      with them!

      We can not stand in these last days as believers without God's
      glorious presence! Attacks against the Christian Faith will increase
      both in number and intensity. The ACLU and other organizations with a
      demonic agenda will thrive in the days ahead. The best way to desribe
      was is coming is demarkation! Jesus said "Let him who does wrong
      continue to do wrong; let him who is vile continue to be vile; let
      him who does right continue to do right; and let him who is holy
      continue to be holy." [Revelation 22:11] I saw in Kansas City
      recently on one side of the highway an adult novelty store and the
      other side was a billboard for the upcoming Billy Graham crusade. The
      Lord spoke to me "I am about to cause demarkation in the world."
      Lukewarm Christianity will perish when the heat of hell start blazing
      across the earth. Lukewarm pew dwellers will get out of the Church
      becuase of the persecution that is ahead. Jesus told us so in Matthew

      Lastly, Revival will only be imparted through the Bridal
      Paradigm. The old paradigm of "turn or burn" and "fake it and you
      will bake it" will perish. Forerunners will preach a holiness and
      repentence message with no compromise but it will be rooted in the
      romance of God. The message of revival preached by forerunners will
      be "repent and ravish." Repent from sin and ravish God's heart. The
      reality of God's love for us will make us great lovers of God.
      Forerunners will do no work for God seprated from our love for God.
      We will not work for God but with God!
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