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phenomenological analysis of ocd

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    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder One Philosophers perspective by Phillip J Conti Universal doubt cancels itself.- Edmund Husserl I thought it necessary to
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      Obsessive Compulsive 'Disorder'
      One Philosophers perspective
      by Phillip J Conti

      Universal doubt cancels itself.-
      Edmund Husserl

      I thought it necessary to describe the phenomenon known as obsessive
      compulsive disorder in philosophical terms. In recent years,
      neuropsychiatry, 'neuropsychologists' and other false professions
      have sprung up, deliberately describing human behavior in terms of
      casuality or teleology, whichever happens to fit the author's moral
      or economic agenda at the time. Such base slaughtering of
      epistemology does not come without existential cost, however.

      Unfortunately, no matter how inhospitable the edifice, no matter how
      false the ideology, man needs somewhere to live, he needs something
      to believe in, no matter how inhospitable or false.
      The above quote by Edmund Husserl is a striking description of OCD.
      If we doubted everything, we would doubt nothing. In other words, we
      have to have conviction of something in order to doubt. The
      formation of any meaning is contrasted to it opposite, that is one of
      the ways that the mind forms meaning. Belief is contrasted to and
      defined by unbelief, up is contrasted to down and so on. So when the
      french say that ocd is the doubting disease, they are only partially
      true. OCD is the disease of conscientousness, and that need not be a
      disease or disorder at all. People with OCD may feel guilty, not
      because they are guilty, but because they are too conscientous. The
      way to 'treat' someone with OCD is to help them deal with their
      conscientousness. A person who has been labelled with OCD may be
      conscientous about something that happened five years ago, the way to
      help them out is to remind them that you can make it up in the here
      and now. Remind them to become more conscientous of the here and
      now. Some people with OCD are strict in their habits, while others
      are more flexible. What people who are OCD need to be is just more
      autonomous. There is nothing wrong at all when the individual
      disagrees with something the group is doing and finds a new group. I
      happen to believe that all of the great prophets, ancient and modern,
      were obsessive compulsive. Moses, Jeremiah, John the Baptist, Jesus,
      Marcus Aurelius, John of the Cross, Jan Huss, Voltaire, Soren
      Kierkegaard, among others, all had strongly ocd personalities.
      I 'doubt' that any of the great achievements of science, art,
      religion, philosophy, and any other discipline that ennobles and
      enriches mankind would have been accomplished without ocd. There is
      no way that the great achievement of man would have been accomplished
      without ocd.
      Seek Autonomy, Dont Be Embarassed

      You are what you are. There is nothing wrong with being ocd, like I
      stated above, I 'doubt' that ANY of the great accomplishments of
      mankind would have been accomplished without OCD. Remember the
      horrors of the Nazi concentration camp, there were even people such
      as Schindler who did all he could to save peoples lives, at great
      personal expense to himself. He was certainly 'obsessional' about
      helping other people, and that need not be a disorder, irrespective
      of what the DSM says. Of course people will not always appreciate
      your conscientousness, and sometimes it will get you into trouble.
      Well, before doing anything, you have to protect yourself. Religion,
      Family, and the State can be elements for helping the individual, but
      they can also be elements for repressing him. Watch where you walk,
      just take heed. Like I said above, the world NEEDS people with the
      disorder known as OCD. The best thing a person who is OCD or has any
      mental health 'disorder' need to do is just seek autonomy.

      The best way to seek autonomy is to focus on the strengths of ocd,
      especially economically. People with OCD are great at any job when
      they find pleasure in it. In this author's opinion the best way to
      be autonomous is to become self-employed. Obsessional people make
      great problem solvers, that could mean a self-employed job as a
      financial consultant, computer programmer. engineer, psychologist, or
      an entrepreneur of any sort. When you are not economically dependent
      on another entity, you can be as conscientous as you want.
      On Seeking Help For OCD

      Of course, it is possible to seek help for OCD. There is nothing
      wrong with exchanging your property for the counseling, religious or
      otherwise. It is necessary to remember that these people may have
      values that conflict with yours. In a prominent book concerning OCD,
      Brain Lock, a doctor named Iver Hand from Germany stated that the
      primary reason for failure to improve with OCD is intimacy issues. I
      happen to believe that this is cheap moralism written by a man who
      had failed to help people. Of course it is possible to have intimacy
      issues, it is also possible that people do not value emotional
      intimacy with one's mate or family as the prominent value in one's
      life. This is a western value, and is not apodictic truth written by
      the finger of God. In a book written about Stalin by Hyde, Stalin
      was reported to believe that a man's values should be with one's
      class or nation not with his mate(pg 251), and I dont believe that he
      was the only person in the history of mankind to believe this.
      Perhaps Dr Hand disvalued his belief in his class or nation, and
      needs 'treatment'. There are obviously many barriers to treatment
      for men such as Dr Hand, not the least of which is denial. In any
      event, people who are labelled as OCD need to take everything that
      people tell them with a grain of salt, even the so-called experts.
      When someone cant help you with your problems, move on, and dont let
      them pass the buck. But remember, as has been written elsewhere, bad
      teachers are worse than no teachers at all.

      If you want to take medication for OCD, whether legal or illegal
      drugs, that is your business not the the psychiatrists. You dont
      need permission from the federal register to arrange your own
      affairs, regardless of the terrorcrats at the FDA. Just dont make a
      social movement out of it, and you should be fine.
      NEVER use ocd as an excuse, if you want to jump off a bridge or cheat
      on your wife or smoke pot, do it because you want to.
      It doesnt matter if something is wrong with your brain. Psychiatrists
      are forever trying to prove that mental illnesses are brain illness,
      as if that was prima facie evidence that they would then be entitled
      to involuntarily 'treat' people. The fact is, we do not know how a
      superhuman being would view the phenomenon known as ocd. You are
      responsible for your own 'recovery'. It is definitely possible for
      people who have been labelled as obsessional to live a decent life.
      Step number one is not being economically dependent on other people,
      or the state. Make yourself aware of the job training and
      educational opportunties available in your area. Use every single
      one of them, when you are in charge of your own economical destiny,
      you will feel a burden lifted off your back, and many symptoms will
      then be relieved. It is hard for other people to realize that you
      cant help other people until you have helped yourself first. Help
      yourself first.
      Feel free to circulate this short article, I hope it helps you and
      by Phillip J Conti
      send feedback to
      copyright 2003, all rights reserved
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