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  • mohamed sayi
    Moslems Wrong! America Wrong! The world news is dominated these days, the hatred between America and Moslems, between Jews and Moslems, between Christians and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 21, 2003
      Moslems Wrong! America Wrong!

      The world news is dominated these days, the hatred between America and Moslems, between Jews and Moslems, between Christians and Moslems, and between the west and the world of Islam. Many have tried to solve this hatred and violence between these groups but seriously failed. Others have pointed the finger of aggression to one direction or another. But the truth of the matter has never been pointed out. MY FRIENDS, THIS IS THE TRUTH: AMERICA IS WRONG, AND THE MOSLEM WORLD IS WRONG.


      For many years the American government has blindly and injudiciously supported the Jewish state, and by doing this America suppressed, denied and destroyed the rights, the dignity, and the privileges of Arabs, of all Moslems, and especially of that of Palestinians. Moreover, America is still playing hypocrisy and duplicity in the dangerous affairs of the Middle East and else where in the Moslem world. It is clear that even today America is still continuing its UNJUST policies in the Middle East by blindly and unjustly supporting the Israeli aggression against Palestine and Syria.


      Moslems are wrong because they are deeply intolerant and extremely self-righteous when it comes the rights of man in the human society. Moslems keep a deep-rooted attitude of hatred, spiritual pride and blind religious superiority over all the other human beings. For centuries, Moslems have failed to appreciate the positive aspects and truths that other religions teach and preach and they kept and attitude of enmity, suspicion, hatred and intolerance when it comes to non-Moslem peoples and non-Moslem faiths.

      FOR EXAMPLE, MOSLEMS TEACH AND PREACH THEIR RELGION EVRYWHERE THEY WANT BUT THEY PROHIBIT AND EVEN KILL WHEN OTHERS TEACH OTHER RELIGIONS IN MOSLEM LANDS. Say for instance, Saudi Arabia. It is illegal in Saudi Arabia land and in majority of Moslem lands to teach a religion other than Islam. It is even punishable by death in Saudi Arabia to teach or preach a non-Moslem religion. On the other hand, you can find Moslem mosques all over the world but up until present day, No Church can be seen in Saudi Arabia and on many other Moslem lands. Intolerance. Moslems maintain many other inhuman and wicked practices like executing and murdering any Moslem who leaves Islam. This is wicked!

      Moslems divide the world into �Dar Al Islam�, and �Dar Al harb�, literally �the house of Islam� and �the house of war�. The teaching behind this is that Moslems should maintain and attitude of jihad or an action of war in all the lands where Islam is not the dominating religion. Moslems are resisting all the attempts of Islamic reformation for much of Islam, could not have come from a God of peace and love.


      What is the solution then???

      Mohamed Sayi


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      1. kierkegaard
      From: "iain3232000"


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      Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 20:31:02 -0000
      From: "iain3232000"
      Subject: kierkegaard

      Not sure where I found this information, but it is interesting and
      relevant nonetheless. I have a bunch of notebooks with many quotes,
      writings, and various other things in them. I came across some neat
      lines, so I've decided that I would share them with you.
      Kierkegaard lived in an intellectual climate of the 'illusions of
      objectivity'- mainly science and speculative/rationalistic philosophy
      (Hegel) was becoming a dominant way of thinking and interpreting the
      world.(including ourselves) Not only did this affect the way people
      thought and acted, but it led to the existing individual forgetting
      and losing sight of his particularness, uniqueness, and authenticity.
      This is the reason why Kierkegaard's Problem: How to become a
      Christian in Christendom, is such a problem. He goes on to say
      that 'No system of thought can explain the unique experience of the
      individual.' Another 'The degree to which one is objectively secure
      in one's belief or relationship with God and Christianity is the
      degree to which one moves away from subjective truth or inwardness.'
      We must also keep in mind that when Kierkegaard was alive, the church
      of Denmark was the state religion of the time. One only had to be
      born in Denmark to be a member of the church, and hence a Christian.
      It is obvious what would have troubled K.: there was no personal
      religious experience or individual commitment necessary to be a
      Christian in Denmark. Individual commitment requires there to be a
      choice, however at birth this chioce had already been determined. The
      state religion was a contradicton in terms to K. And that's why his
      writings focus on religious indifference and hypocrisy. He even went
      so far to call it the fallacy of 'Christendom' in Denmark. I don't
      think anyone can properly interpret his work without having these
      historical thoughts in the back of their minds.
      Lastly, I found these lines from somewhere. Might have been his
      essay 'present age', not sure though I'll have to find out.- (')
      absorption in the 'outward', the external; absense of clear sense of
      individual identity and responsibility; complacent aquiescence in
      deterministic myths as opposed to serious practical commitment; a
      pervasive cult of indifference presenting itself under the guise of
      sophisticated detachment.(') K. is surely defining not only the state
      of Denmark, but also the pervasive mood of his era...(apathy,
      indifference) Thanks, Iain.


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