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RE: [Kierkegaardian] Disorientation

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  • Don Anderson
    i FAIL TO GET THE HUMOR. TO ME BULLSHIT AIN T FUNNY. IT STINKS. ... From: kierkegaardians@yahoogroups.com [mailto:kierkegaardians@yahoogroups.com]On Behalf Of
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 6, 2005

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      > Ha...you're full of shite, Jeffrey :). Will is right.
      > Pay attention to the person pointing at rather than the object
      > is pointing to.
      > You get this. You already did.
      > Jim R.

      Jeff, well, now that my name has been raised as an expert witness for
      the persecution, what should I do but raise my right paw and swear not
      to dissemble. If it has been opined that I had said to pay attention
      to the person doing the pointing rather than to what is being pointed
      at, then that opinion does track one whit what I had said. I would
      never say such a thing. Here is what I said:

      >The next part of that analogy will add the moon to it, but that is
      still not looking in the right place. Why? Because there is the
      pointing finger as separate from the moon. Well, how can they be made
      one? They can't if you look in the wrong place. This defines the
      'wrong place' as anywhere that reason will not allow you to make the
      pointing finger and the moon one. The right place will be the gesture
      itself, the act in which both the moon and the one pointing at it are
      included. So, 'being one' takes on a different meaning, right?<

      See, looking at the separation between the person and what is being
      pointed to is looking in the wrong place if what I was saying is to be
      adhered to. Therefore, to say that I was right, and to express that
      rightness in the wrong way does not make me a good witness for the
      persecution. Ah, the gesture itself, the solution to the Koan, the
      point in which the observer is the observed; SK's transparency?

      The 'wrong place' as anywhere reason cannot make the pointer and the
      pointed to one? What does that really say? Just where in the world
      would such an other place be? Nowhere, of course, and that is the
      clue, the subliminal message.

      However, I do agree with Jim on the merde filling. The only thing is
      that in order to see what you are dispensing one must also be capable
      of dispensing the same. Guilt by association fills me with idiocy. I
      step on my own lines, and in stepping upon them, verify them. Now,
      either you have a subliminal message or you do not. That I can read
      such a subliminal message into everything you write leads me to
      believe, and that has yet to be verified, that you and I are at least
      in the same book, if not on the same page. This is why I approach you
      only with humor. ----willy

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