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RE: [Kierkegaardian] Re: Willy's mysterium

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  • Don Anderson
    My question is why does anyone want to stick it to anyone else. I don t like to play games, never have! ... From: kierkegaardians@yahoogroups.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2005
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      My question is why does anyone want to stick it to anyone else. I don't like
      to play games, never have!

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      --- In kierkegaardians@yahoogroups.com, Jeffrey Burns
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      > Mr Willy,
      > I would love to be able to argue with you. But I can't. You are
      too good at your art of changing focus before I can only guess what
      the first focus was about. So I will have to let to others the care
      of disputing your changes, which others I have noticed are many
      enough to keep you busy some time. When I can catch up with you
      guys, that is to say if I can ever manage to catch up, perhaps I'll
      add my voice to your chorus so that the chorus be one voice richer.
      For the time being I simply cannot understand that you are saying,
      so I can only try to understand, silently for myself.
      > Best regards,
      > Jeffrey Burns

      JSB, au contraire mon ami,
      Methinks thou dost read WB pretty well and couldst stick it to him
      if thou wantest to (as he could you)! As for the chorus, your voice
      can only add to by subtracting from the cacophony of this grundge-
      bunch! I find that staying silently with oneself is the best way to
      understand. But, be and stay truthful and remember what honest john
      climacus said; " A horse when alone often imagines that it is
      galloping, but when it is with others it finds out how slow it is."

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