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Re: [Kierkegaardian] Pluralism

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  • Will Brown
    Hi Polly, how s the abyss business? Give my best to you know who. First off, you have poeticized what I actually said, but that s fine; the meaning is the
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 5, 2005
      Hi Polly, how's the abyss business? Give my best to you know who.

      First off, you have poeticized what I 'actually' said, but that's
      fine; the meaning is the same. I see a 'pitfall' in the Christian
      interpretation of SK's route to becoming a Christian. If SK is read as
      saying that there is a discontinuity, read abyss, along the way in
      which the self must be negated, that negation would also bring the
      belief held to an end; the logical connection, no believer, no belief.
      That would be the 'ugly ditch' SK refers to.

      If that reading is omitted as being only a rhetorical device, why then
      the abyss is bridged over and all that is required is to really
      believe, not just pretend. The exhortation is to really to get with
      it, passionately. This would require changing the meaning of the
      "passion of the infinite" as "a suitable setting" to a disposition,
      from a 'be-do' to a 'do.' Of course, not being a Christian, I can only
      speculate that such a problem would arise.

      Second off, is your pluralistic stance grounded in the notion of a
      transition as an awakening/salvation common to all? Do you see a
      generic condition such as Jim S proposed SK is proposing as a leap
      from innocence into guilt, or as I would propose a leap from freedom
      into a temporal sense of self bound to the past?

      I seem to remember that there was a language that didn't have a past
      tense, but I am not sure of that. What would a tenseless language do
      to the temporal sense of self? If no sleep, no awakening necessary. Of
      course, if we are predestined to be born asleep, or the
      memory/imagination complex sets us up, a identity then a generic
      awakening would be necessary. Anyhow, the above is a few random
      thoughts. ----willy
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