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Re: Hoarse, hourse, horse!

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  • Will Brown
    ... Hey, Ursa Major, my tomatoes are gone with the summer heat and the cat is a she that can t be in heat. Otherwise, the fettle is fine. I have just stumbled
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 30, 2005
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      --- In kierkegaardians@yahoogroups.com, nnn88388 <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > --- In kierkegaardians@yahoogroups.com, "Will Brown" <wilbro99@y...>
      > wrote:
      > > JB, this time, I'll try a point by point response.
      > >
      > > >No, you're flying again, I'm afraid, way too high for me. I am
      > just a
      > > rookie here. See I haven't yet finished this Either/Or and you are
      > > presenting something that seems to be claiming over the whole
      > picture
      > > of K's production. No, Sir, ain't half fair-play!
      > >
      > > Yeah, right, a rookie. I sense from your reply to Nick that you
      > know
      > > well your way around this matter of subjectivity, so gimme a break;
      > > you are not turnip truck material. I took you at your word that the
      > > difference between the pedestrian use of ethical and the use of the
      > > term as apparently used by SK created a dilemma of some sort for
      > you.
      > > My intent was to paint you a picture of that difference by laying
      > out
      > > what I saw as SK's use of the term.
      > >
      > > >The only thing the poor me understands in your fly-off is that
      > > Either-Or was an early paper, not a late one. So it excludes one of
      > > the hypothesis I mentioned in my previous reflection.
      > >
      > > Did you not understand that when I began with the short paragraph
      > that
      > > I was saying that there was one idea running through his works that
      > > made each part a whole? I was offering the chance to step back from
      > > your particular E/O view to get a greater perspective.
      > >
      > > >Fuck, I am back to ground zero!
      > >
      > > Shit, man, get you eye off your particular question and look to
      > > understand SK's use of the term. When you see that, then make that
      > > comparison.
      > >
      > > >Is the beautiful painting... as a sign... or as a sign...
      > something
      > > unethical ?
      > >
      > > Not that I am aware of. What makes you think it is? Why does the
      > > question even arise? Before you can answer that question do you not
      > > have to determine what the ethical is, or means?
      > >
      > > >I am being stubborn but I sense the ethical (my conception of the
      > > ethical) to be some sort of absolute so I cannot joke about the
      > > hypothesis under which something which is mine (the portrait) also
      > is
      > > unethical.
      > >
      > > Now, either you are expressing a personal dilemma or you are using
      > > that expression, fact or not, as the vehicle to ask another sort of
      > > question. That is what my reference to the spider and the fly and
      > the
      > > parlor that I started my response with; I did not know which level
      > you
      > > inhabited.
      > >
      > > >This is very serious business for me! You probably can't
      > understand.
      > > You don't have this picture...
      > >
      > > Yes, I still do not know to whom I am speaking. As a reformed
      > > dissembler, I am always suspicious of someone waltzing in as a tyro
      > > and asking to be illuminated.
      > >
      > > >You have spotted my coarse misspelling: horse, of course, not
      > hoarse.
      > > Hoarse! Wonder where I got this woan? Perhaps it is due to my
      > having
      > > always wondered about this problematic point in the Troyan war: how
      > > can Troyans have been so blind in front of such a coarse wooden
      > horse
      > > ? I can't get this point either! See, there is a lot I can't get
      > > behind.
      > >
      > > I can only suggest moving off to the side instead of trying to walk
      > > through it. I have heard that the distance necessary to comprehend
      > > something is just beyond the pull of identity. I have no idea of
      > what
      > > all of this horsing around is about.
      > >
      > > >Well, perhaps I finally don't belong here. I sounds like I won't
      > find
      > > mates here until I grow more literate. Problem ? While I am growing
      > > more literate, you are also, so how can I catch up ? Well, I think
      > it
      > > is quite as efficient that I give up, no ?
      > >
      > > Oh, I think that with your obvious sharpness and ability to express
      > > yourself that you would be a good addition to this collection of
      > > word-smiths. For myself, I would look forward to some delightful
      > > dialogues with you. -----willy
      > Willy's out! Old Willy just bit the bag and stepped out the door!
      > Hey Willy, how do you know a French man has been in your backyard?
      > :: Your tomatoes are gone and your dog's pregnant!
      > n

      Hey, Ursa Major, my tomatoes are gone with the summer heat and the cat
      is a she that can't be in heat. Otherwise, the fettle is fine. I have
      just stumbled across a CUP quote from something that I had archived
      some time ago. It was Lowrie so I added the Hong to it and will post
      it as a new thread. I think it is another 'ears to hear' quote.
      ----ursa minor
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