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On going Hindu Programmes outside India.

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      Dear Hindu Brother’s and Sister’s,


      The following Hindu Religious programme’s are currently going on in  Switzerland and United States of America .


      1. Switzerland .


      Pujya Rishi Ramesh Bhai Ojha’s Bhagwat Katha Parayan is currently going on in Switzerland from 30th August to 5th Sep., 2010. Programme is available in “Astha Channel” also. For more details of the programme please visit www.sandipani.org


      2. United State of America .


      Sadhvi Rithambharaji’s Bhagvat Saptaha programme is going on in United States from 2nd September to 6th September, 2010. 




      Sheraton Hotel,

      1, International Boulevard , Route 17,

      North – Mahwah , NJ 07495 USA .

      Phone :- 201-529-1660.




      Hindu Media Monitoring,

      New Delhi