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88Innocent saffron and green Children dies and Indian Government sits like monger’s

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  • Hindu media monitoring India
    Sep 2, 2010
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      Dear Hindu Brother’s and Sister’s,


      The situation is a very very horrible condition in Indian state’s of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, where thousands of innocent Hindu – Saffron - and Muslim – green - children are dieing in every hour and useless puppet Government’s in Lucknow and New Delhi  engages in passing the blame on each other’s.


      Since 2005, According to Government estimates itself, 3,000 have been died due to a disease called Japanese Encephalities. This figure represents those Children died in Government Hospitals only. Those who died in private or local clinics or in the houses itself do not counted in this 3,000 figure.


      The most effected is the Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh.


      Even though, this disease taking  the life of several thousand children, in each summer since 2005, neigher  the  local state Government nor the Federal Government in New Delhi taken any steps to save the life of these precious children. 


      State Government accuses the Central Government of supplying old and defective medicines for fighting this disease. 


      An enquiry should be made on the accusations of Local State Government  and if found true, legal action for trial of India’s Central Government for killing the innocent children by supplying old and defective medicine should be initiated. 




      We request all those who read this message to pass on this mail irrespective of their religion, caste and creed to their friends and well wisher’s to create an awareness among the International Community on “How Government of India allows these innocent Children to die”. 




      Hindu media Monitoring

      New Delhi