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83Celebrate Rakshaa Bandhan with a pledge to save our sister's in Fiji.

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  • Hindu media monitoring India
    Aug 22, 2010
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      Dear Brother’s and Sister’s,


      Hindu’s all over the world celebrate “Rakshaa Bandhan”, on 24th August, 2010. This celebration symbolizes the bond of love between a brother and sister and assurances of a brother to save his sister in case of emergencies.   


      One of the main differences between Hinduism and the western religions like Christianity, is the strong family system prevailing in Hinduism. In Western religions, in the absence of Family system and an emotional family bondages, we can see very few cases of settled families. In most cases absence of family system reads to divorces.


      In Hinduism, thanks to celebrations like, Rakshaa Bandhan, Bhaidooj etc, we are able to maintain a healthy family system and atmosphere in our Hindu society.  


      In this year while celebrating “Rakshaa bandhan”, we request to all Hindu’s all over the world to take a pledge to protect our Hindu sister’s who are suffering from sexual exploitation in the hands of Christian fanatics in Fiji . In Fiji , Methodist Church of Fiji is harassing our Hindu sister’s who are resisting religious conversions. 




      Hindu Media Monitoring

      New Delhi



      Our mission:- Bringing news to everyone which our so called independent PSEUDO secular media do not report in the newspapers and TV, because according to them secularism means Hindu bashing and encouraging Christianity and Islam.