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81How much American's hate Christianity ?

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  • Hindu media monitoring India
    Aug 20, 2010

      Dear Hindu Brother’s and Sister’s,


      On 8th August, 2010, Los Angeles Times, one of the famous newspaper’s of United States of America published an interesting article on “How much American’s hate Christianity”. As we wrote earlier, each passing day, more and more Christian American’s are distancing from Christianity.


      According to the news report, 25% of people born in Catholic families, in the age group of 18 to 29 are not affiliated with Christians. 


      Similarly 27% of people born in Catholic families do not want a Christian religious funeral after their death.


      Recently several school’s stopped recitation of Bible in school’s. Petition signed by several lakh people has been submitted to U.S. Federal Commission for Communications  to stop airing of evangelistic programme’s of Joyce Meyer, Benny Henniman etc etc.


      For more details of Los Angeles Times report, please click the following link 




      Indians also contributed for this degradation of Christianity in United States of America . Several Catholic priests recruited from Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, had done sexual abuse of American children in US Churches.


      Some Christian priests from Tamil Nadu misappropriated Church funds and diverted them to Tamil Nadu for making their private empires in Ooty and Kodaikanal, hill stations in Tamil Nadu.




      Hindu Media Monitoring

      New Delhi



      Our mission:- Bringing news to everyone which our so called independent PSEUDO secular media do not report in the newspapers and TV, because according to them secularism means Hindu bashing and encouraging Christianity and Islam.