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78How much Socialistic is Indian Constitution ?

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  • Hindu media monitoring India
    Aug 18, 2010
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      Dear Hindu Brother’s and Sister’s,


      We celebrated our 64th independence Day on 15th August, 2010. We became a Republic on 26th January, 1950 and we our self subjected to a Constitution which offered us a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC.


      But after 60 years of obeying that Constitution, how much Socialistic is our Society.


      40% of our Population is living with an meager earning which is not enough to eat one time food. Some of our states are economically equal to African countries of Ethiopia and Somalia .


      Why all these happening ?


      Is this Constitution which offer us SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC, failed to provide all these things even after 60 years of tits implementation.


      In one side our poor Hindu’s which forms 35% of India’s 40% poor people dies due to starvation and food grains are rotten out side the Food Corporation of India’s godown’s which are leased to liquor Companies to stores Imported liquor.   


      Food grains and pulses imported from other countries at lower costs are rotting in Indian ports due to inefficient administration of Government of India, but poor Hindu’s are starving as they are not capable to purchase food grains at sky rocketing prices.


      But our great Constitution which guaranteed us a Socialistic Society is watching this quietly.


      Dear Friends, Do we need This Constitution  which is not capable to give even two times food to our poor Hindu masses ?


      Enough is enough. Time has Come to save our poor Hindu’s from poverty. 


      Please see the attached press photo’s of food grains rotting out side Food Corporation Godown’s which are rented to Liquor and Cola Companies in India .




      Hindu Media Monitoring

      New Delhi


      Our mission:- Bringing news to everyone which our so called independent PSEUDO secular media do not report in the newspapers and TV, because according to them secularism means Hindu bashing and encouraging Christianity and Islam.