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77How Ramalinga Raju got bail in 7,800 Crore scam ?

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  • Hindu media monitoring India
    Aug 18, 2010
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      Dear Hindu Brother’s and Sister’s,


      Sh. B. Ramalinga Raju, former Chief of Indian Software major, Satyam, got bail on 18.08.2010. He was in jail since he arrested on 9th January,  2009 after the reports of India ’s largest Corporate Accounting fraud involving Rs. 7,800 Crores.


      Out of 19 months since his arrest, he spent 11 months in a Five Star Suite like Hospital Room in Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences situated in Hyderabad .


      Hon. Justice Raja Elango, Andhra Pradesh High Court who is hearing the case granted him bale even before commencement of trial.


      Why Raju got bail ? Reasons are given below:-


      1. CBI refused to file fourth charge sheet. The reasons for refusal is only know to CBI and the people’s giving commands to CBI.


      2. CBI has not contested the false medical reports send by Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences situated in Hyderabad .


      Now the real background maneuvers which forced our Sister Sonia Gandhi and the Government of India working under her able leadership to allow Raju get bail.


      Sh. Ramalinga Raju was a trusted friend of Late A.P. Chief Minister Y.S.R.Reddy who is popularly known as YSR. YSR gave big contracts to MAYTAS, and got commissions from Raju. At the time of Raju’s arrest in 2009, YSR was the Chief Minister of A.P. In order to save Raju, YSR tried his best to limit the corruption enquiry with an A.P. Police Special Cell. But it was after the cry of international community the case was transferred to CBI.     


      But after the death of YSR, Sh. Rossaiah became Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. In order to strengthening his chair he started digging the YSR era acts and contracts awarded. He seen the Skelton’s in contracts awarded to MAYTAS, a construction company promoted by Raju’s family. Raju who wants bail in the case aligned with Sh. Rossaiah, and threatened our Sister  Sonia Gandhi of the consequences, if things went public.


      As the several state assembly elections are round the corner, our Sister gave instructions to the Government working under her able guidance to keep mum in the matter. In line with this instructions, CBI – India ’s most famous independent investigating agency, keep mum when request for bail came in A.P. High Court yesterday. 


      Anyway we should applaud the capabilities our Sister, she has successfully buried India ’s largest Corporate Farud, involving 7,800 Crores if Indian Rupees, by giving all 10 accused bail.




      Hindu Media Monitoring

      New Delhi


      Our mission:- Bringing news to everyone which our so called independent PSEUDO secular media do not report in the newspapers and TV, because according to them secularism means Hindu bashing and encouraging Christianity and Islam.