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  • Hassan Chowdhury
    This is for Anyone who Overlooked....... Hasina s Phd and her Son s Global Award Winning.........Please Read the following... Meera Mahjabeen
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2007
      This is for Anyone who Overlooked....... Hasina's Phd and her Son's Global Award Winning.........Please Read the following...

      Meera Mahjabeen <meeramahjabeen@...> wrote:
      The Young Global Leader – a critical analysis
      Last week I wrote an e-mail with some question to the organizers of the Sajeeb Wazed Joy’s Reception. Basically, I asked two questions. One, what qualified Sajeeb for this honor and; two, for an event of this magnitude, who is bearing the cost? There are three people who responded to my question. First, it was an unsolicited response from one Mr. Ashfaque Chowdhury. For reasons unknown to me, he decided to send a personale-mail to me rather than posting it on the forum. In his response, he avoided a direct answer to my questions. He took an offensive approach and made lots of derogatory remarks about the ‘width’ of my mind. The second response came from the moderator of this forum. Mr. Hares Sayed posted a “clarification” (http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/Diagnose/ message/675), where he also failed to categorically answer any of my question. Mr. Sayed only gave us a list of some other YGL selectees and the criteria that the selection committee used. He did not say anything about how Sajeeb met the criteria? As a delayed response, the third respondent, Mr. Shah Mahmood pretty much repeated what Mr. Sayed said. To Mr. Mahmood’s credit, he also added the published profile of Sajeeb Wazed Joy as it appears on World Economic Forum (WEF) website. WEF is the organizer of Young Global Forum.
      I do not know Mr. Ashfaque Chowdhury. I know about both Mr. Shah Mahmood and Mr. Hares Sayed . Both of them are educated professional and are well known as active leaders of the DC Expatriate Bangladeshi Society. I am not sure where or to whom their loyalty lies, but, considering their level of intellect and the apparent commitments to the society, I expected them to take a harder look on the presumed qualification of Sajeeb Wazed. Instead, both of them focused on the organization (WEF) and the credential of the selection committee.  I understand that the Gentlemen have read the WEF profile of Sajeeb, they inadvertently failed to notice misrepresented facts in Sajeeb’s resume. Let me show you what I am talking about.
      In 2004, Sajeeb Wazed Joy set his feet in Dhaka Airport amid the cheer and welcoming slogans from thousands of AL followers. Next day, his handsome youthful face appeared all over nations newspapers smiling and standing beside his beautiful American wife. Many, who knew Sk. Hasina and Wazed Meah have a son, did not know much about his whereabouts in those days. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Joy has turned out to be a smart, sophisticated and educated young man. It was the same time many concerned citizens of Bangladesh started to take a first look beyond the generation of Widowed and orphaned leaders. Looking into the future and with the possibility of seeing Tarek Zia types on the helm; it was not a promising one. Seeing Joy, the hopes surfaced again, may be there is a future after all. It appeared that Joy grew up away from the filth of the ongoing political trend, received good Western education and had been exposed to the societies with better ethical and moral values. So, he could bring in fresh alternatives and start some healthy competition at the political arena.
      Wishful thinking as it was in those days. With time passing by, the nation observed Joy, the crown prince, visiting Bangladesh more and more. Torons (gates) were built, slogans were chanted and he started floating in the traditions of political nuisances created and nurtured by his ancestors. The decency that was expected from the apparently fine young men diminished faster that anybody’s imagination.
      In the e-forums, there are many supporters of Joy. On the opposite end, there are many who oppose the Political Dynasty and this apparent grooming of a crown prince. But what’s fair is fair; if Tarek Zia can, Mahi Choudhury can use their ancestry, why not Joy? He certainly has much more blue blood than any one else in Bangladesh . So, let it be, right? Wrong! With the possibility of getting a clean house from the current CTG, Tarek Zia may not be no more, All the Mahi Choudhurys would also be scrutinized, so why would we let Joy go unexamined?
      In his e-mail, Mr. Ashfaque Chowdhury was angry and asked me why I am questioning the reception committee about how Joy qualified to be a YGL? You will be happy to learn Mr. Chowdhury, I took your advice and asked the World Economic Forum why they selected him as a YGL? They gave me the following criteria for selection:
      Selection criteria
      Potential candidates for The Forum of Young Global Leaders
      • are 40 years of age or younger at the time of nomination (to be eligible for the 2007 nomination process, the candidates must have been born on or after 1 January 1967);
      • have a recognized record of extraordinary achievement and substantial leadership experience. Typically, the candidate would have 5-15 years of outstanding professional work experience and a clear indication of playing a substantial leadership role for the rest of his or her career;
      • have demonstrated a commitment to serve society at large through exceptional contributions;
      • are ready to invest time and energy in the organization’ s purpose and activities.
      Readers, based on these criterion, can you qualify Joy as a candidate for the YGL? Let’s see,
      Criteria one:    He is younger than 40 years. Good!
      Criteria two:     Does he have a recognized record of extraordinary achievements and substantial leadership experience. None that we know of. 5 -15 years of outstanding professional work experience and a clear indication of playing a substantial leadership role for the rest of his career. Again, we do not know of any such achievements of Sajeeb Wazed joy.
      Criteria three:  Have any one seen Sajeeb’s demonstration  of a commitment to serve society through exceptional contribution? I guess not.
      Criteria four:    Are ready to invest time and energy in the organization’ s purpose and activities. May be!
      So, how the World Economic Forum (WEF) qualified him? Here is the published profile of Sajeeb Wazed Joy on their website:
      Wazed , Sajeeb  YGL 2007 
      Member, Awami League, Bangladesh , Bangladesh
      Sajib Wazed Joy is a member of the Awami League, the oldest and largest political party in Bangladesh. He currently manages the communication and lobbying efforts of the Awami League in Washington, D.C., working directly with the US Administration. Previously, he served under the former Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina. After moving to the US, he founded Mvion Inc., a startup company through which he developed prototype software and raised US$ 8 million in venture capital. Mvion eventually brought in revenues of approximately US$ 2,00,000 per month and was evaluated at US$ 80-90 million. Sajib also founded the Bongobondhu Foundation of US, which provides basic healthcare and immigration assistance to needy expatriate Bangladeshis in the US. He also raises funds for its sister organization, the Bongobondhu Trust in Bangladesh, and promotes democracy and human rights issues there in partnership with the US Administration. Sajib graduated from St Joseph's College of Science in Bangalore, India with a triple major in Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science, and holds a Degree from the University of Texas in Computer Science and Engineering. 
      Readers, pay close attention. The profile published by WEF is based on the resume submitted by Joy and his followers who nominated him. The first part of the profile says that he is a member of Awami League. No one can deny it. He must have been born as a member of Awami League. It says “he currently manages the communication and lobbying efforts of the Awami League in Washington, D.C.” We will have to accept it only because there is no way we can prove it otherwise. Then it says, “previously he served under the former Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina.” Served as what, served as her son? This is a carefully manipulated credential that makes it sound so good by purposely withholding the information that Prime Minister of Bangladesh also happens to be his mother. Next is his professional achievement. “After moving to the US, he founded Mvion, Inc. a startup company……” Misrepresentation again, Joy was never listed as a founding principal for Mvion. As a matter of fact, one of his close friend Rubel Ahsan has been listed as one of the five co-founders of Mvion. The financial notes regarding Mvion are also complete lies. The company Joy allegedly co-founded,Mvion, apparently went bankrupt according to EDGAR report. Check this link, http://sec.edgar- online.com/ 2004/04/01/ 0001144204- 04-004202/ Section19. asp. Next his profile lists him as the founder of Bongobondhu Foundation, an organization that provides basic healthcare and immigration assistance to expatriate Bangladeshis in the US. Another huge lie! I am living in this country for last 26 years. I checked with many of my friends who has been living in the US for even longer period and actively participating in social welfare for the expatriate Bangladeshis. No one ever heard of the Bongobondhu Foundation providing any healthcare or immigration assistance. Readers and Sajeeb’s followers, please, if you know of anyone who happens to be a benefactor of the foundation, please let him present the floral bouquet to Joy at the reception. I would like to talk about the phantom Bongobondhu Trust and their so called activities for promoting democracy and human rights in Bangladesh, but I think you all know even better!
      These fine qualities and achievements were surely presented to WEF for their selection. A good resume brought him the honors. But it is a fabricated resume. Guess what would have happened if this was a resume submitted for a job and the candidate was hired?
      One of the members of this forum suggested me to go Sajeeb’s blog and check his resume. I just did that only to be charmed again by his deceptive maners. Here is a line from his biography; “I am also an alumni of the Innovations in Governance course at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government This is the worst of all the deceptions. The way he presented this makes him an alumnus of the prestigious Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. The reality is he attended a 5 day workshop (October 28 to November 2) at that school which can be attended by anyone (with or without a college degree) as long as a $ 5,900 fee is paid. These are common money making schemes that many high profile schools in this country presents to people who has the money and want an association with the school. Check this web link yourself; http://ksgexecprogr am.harvard. edu/program/ ig/overview. aspx
      So, this is Joy, whom our so called Expatriate Bangladeshis are going to honor for receiving the YGL selection? Events such as these are pretty much partisan affairs. I know, my write ups would not motivate people one way or the other. My purpose of writing this is not only to show you how he got the YGL selection. I also wanted you to understand, who we are getting as our future leaders and what type of characters they posses.
      Mr. Ahsfaque Chowdhury in his e-mail, called me a person with narrow mind. Why, because I questioned the motivation of the organizers. I also asked who is paying for the event? Mr Chowdhury implied that the organizers are doing this out of the goodness of their heart to celebrate the achievement of a successful Bangalee. May I ask you who you are kidding! We live in a society where we pay ten dollars to attend the Eid Prayer (Don’t get me wrong, the concept of sharing the expense of EID prayer is absolutely OK with me). Where are your broad minded people with their wallets for those events? Last Friday, the reception event for the good Dr. Hussam cost people $ 10.00 each to attend. Where were those good natured people who failed to sponsor a much more legitimate cause?

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