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Re: [KHABOR] Narayanganj pre-election field survey conducted by Democracy Forum [1 Attachment]

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  • Dr. Badiul Alam Majumdar
    Dear Prof. Nasir, I could not read your survey results as they came garbled. Could you please send me a version that I can read - I am interested. Warm
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 31, 2011
      Dear Prof. Nasir,

      I could not read your survey results as they came garbled. Could you please send me a version that I can read - I am interested.

      Warm regards,

      Badiul Alam Majumdar
      Citizens for Good Governance

      On Fri, Oct 28, 2011 at 6:28 PM, ABM Nasir <nasnc@...> wrote:
      [Attachment(s) from ABM Nasir included below]

      Pleaese find attached, copied or in the link http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Democracy-Forum-Bangladesh/251644781547760 to find first pre-election field survey for Narayanganj City election. At the bottom of the mail, you will find poll description. Poll will be updated until October 29, 2011.

      Narayanganj City Corporation pre-election Survey 2011
      A‡±vei 27, 2011
      (Details of the poll is below)
      ‡cŠimfv wbe©vP‡b  †gqi c‡` †Kvb  cÖv_©x‡K †fvU w`‡eb ?
      Wv: †mwjbv nvqvZ AvBwf 46.9%
      G †K Gg kvgxg Imgvb 36.8%
      ‰Zgyi Avjg †Lv›`Kvi 13.6%
      AvwZKzj Bmjvg 1.3%
      AvwZKzi ingvb 1.3%
      kwid †gvnv¤§` 0%
      wbe©vP‡b Bw‡j±ªwbK †fvwUs †gwkb KZUzKz Riæwi e‡j Avcwb g‡b K‡ib ?
      LyeB Riæwi 29.1%
      Riæwi 35.4%
      wKQzUv Riæwi 5.9%
      †gv‡UB Riæwi bq 29.5%
      Avcwb wK Le‡ii KvMR c‡o _v‡Kb?
      n¨vu 36%
      Bv 64%
      †Uwjwfkb †`‡Lb wK?
      n¨vu 94%
      Bv 6%
      wUwf msev` †`‡Lb wK?
      n¨vu 87%
      Bv 13%
      Avcwb wK B›Uvi‡bU e¨envi K‡ib ?
      n¨uv 6%
      না 94%
      †fvU `v‡bi Rb¨ wK Avcwb wbeÜbcÖvß?
      n¨uv 97%
      Bv 3%
      ‡cŠimfv wbe©vP‡b †fvU †`Iqvi e¨vcv‡i Avcwb KZLvwb Avkvwš^Z?
      LyeB Avkvwš^Z 66.4%
      A‡bKLvwb Avkvwš^Z 25.3%
      m¤¢vebv ¶xb 8.2%
                               Narayanganj City Corporation pre-election Survey 2011
      (Based on a partial sample of 297, to be updated until October 29, 2011)
      Wv: †mwjbv nvqvZ AvBwf                46.9%
      G †K Gg kvgxg Imgvb                 36.8%
      ‰Zgyi Avjg †Lv›`Kvi                   13.6%
      AvwZKzj Bmjvg                           1.3%
      AvwZKzi ingvb                            1.3%
      kwid †gvnv¤§`                             0%
      About the poll:
      a.       Reported results are for partial sample of 297. Poll will be updated every day until October 29, 2011
      b.      Poll reflects the opinions of the participants at the time of the survey (conducted during October 25-26).
      c.       Democracy Forum provides no assurance that the final outcome would reflect the pre-election survey.
      d.      Democracy Forum is not affiliated with any candidate or political party.
      e.       Sample method: Multi-stage stratified random sample
      f.       Sample size: 500
      g.      Area covered: Shidhirganj/Narayanganj/Bandar                            
      h.      Sample units: Daily worker, rickshaw-puller, hawkers, store-keeper, tea-staller, CNG/Auto driver, Housewife, students, garments worker, business person, lawyer, retired officials, teachers

      ABM Nasir, Ph.D.
      Associate Professor of Economics
      School of Business
      North Carolina Central University
      Durham, NC 27707.
      Phone: (919) 530-7372
      Fax: (919) 530-6163

      Shompriti Forum

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