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Fw: Indian PM fears change at any time in Bangladesh (Preliminary Tran script of the Q & A session)

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  • Mohiuddin Anwar
    ... From: MBI Munshi To: mimunshi@yahoo.co.uk Subject: Indian PM fears change at any time in Bangladesh (Preliminary Transcript of the Q
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2011

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      Subject: Indian PM fears change at any time in Bangladesh (Preliminary Transcript of the Q & A session)
      Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2011 18:13:07 +0600

      The comments of the Indian PM as reported from the New Delhi PMO appears quite outrageous and intended to cause further instability in Bangladesh. It is unexpected that the Indian PM would make such sensationalist and exaggerated remarks about the internal politician situation of Bangladesh. It is apparent to me that India has a nefarious agenda and the statements of the PM are a pretext for a possible special operation against Bangladesh to be subsequently blamed on the ISI and Jamaat.


      MBI Munshi


      Preliminary transcript of the Q & A session between the PM and Newspaper Editors �� June 29, 2011 � � �  

      Q 1: Sir, you did not mention anything about our neighbourhood.

      A: Well, neighbourhood worries me a great deal, quite frankly

      You have a situation in Sri Lanka. The decimation of the LTTE was something which is good. But the Tamil problem does not disappear, with the defeat of the LTTE. The Tamil population has legitimate grievances. They feel they are reduced to second-class citizens. And our emphasis has been to persuade the Sri Lankan government that we must move towards a new system of institutional reforms, where the Tamil people will have a feeling that they are equal citizens of Sri Lanka, and they can lead a life of dignity and self-respect. It is not easy. Within Sri Lanka�s population, there are hotheads, the Sinhala chauvinism is a reality. But we have to find a difficult balance because what happens in Sri Lanka has a domestic dimension also. The Tamil Nadu government and assembly have often shown great worry about what is happening. Our challenge is to keep the Tamil Nadu government on our side. I have had good cooperation with Jayalalithaa-ji. I raised this matter with her the very first time. What she asked of me was moderate. Whatever be the resolutions that were passed in the assembly, I found her fully conscious of the complexities and the realities of managing this relationship.

      With Bangladesh, we have good relations. Bangladesh government has gone out of its way to help us in apprehending the anti-Indian insurgent groups which were operating from Bangladesh for a long time. And that is why we have been generous in dealing with Bangladesh. We are not a rich country. But we offered it a line of credit of one billion dollars, when Sheikh Hasina came here. We are also looking at ways and means of some further unilateral concessions. We are also looking at ways and means of finding a practical and pragmatic solution to the sharing of Teesta waters. I plan to go there myself. The external affairs minister is planning to go later this week. So, Bangladesh, our relations are quite good. So Bangladesh, our relations are quite good. But we must reckon that at least 25 percent of the population of Bangladesh swear by the Jamiat-ul-Islami and they are very anti-Indian, and they are in the clutches, many times, of the ISI. So, a political landscape in Bangladesh can change at any time. We do not know what these terrorist elements, who have a hold on the jamiat �e � islami elements in Bangladesh, can be upto.

      So a very uncertain neighbourhood. A very uncertain international, economic environment. We have to swim and keep our heads high.




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