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Re: [khabor.com] The birth of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh is collapse of "Two nation theory" on which Pakistan was created

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  • azad@banglamedia.net
    I have nothing to say because I am a fredomfighter I am a party Jamati gosti is main probelm in politics thats all I knew. azad --- Syed.Aslam3@gmail.com
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      I have nothing to say because I am a fredomfighter I am a party Jamati gosti is main probelm in politics thats all I knew.

      --- Syed.Aslam3@... wrote:

      From: "Syed Aslam" <Syed.Aslam3@...>
      To: notun_bangladesh@yahoogroups.com, chottala@yahoogroups.com, khabor <khabor@yahoogroups.com>
      Subject: [khabor.com] The birth of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh is collapse of "Two nation theory" on which Pakistan was created
      Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2008 10:31:01 -0400

      The birth of  Peoples Republic of Bangladesh is the collapse of "Two nation theory" on which Pakistan was created.
      Mr. Md. Mostafa Kamal
      The establishment of Independent Peoples Republic of Bangladesh is essentially the
      collapse of "Two nation theory" on which Pakistan was created as homeland for the
      Muslims of India. The other homeland in the world is Israel which is a Jewish homeland
      a result of long-term strategy of the Western powers. Your love for Pakistan is well known.
      Mr. Irfan Husain, in his editorial in the Dawn observes that it has now become an "impossible
      and exceedingly boring task of defending a defunct theory." [ Two nation Theory]
      I don't and had never belonged to Awami League or any other political party. Although I
      consider Moududibadi Jamaate Islami is the worst political force in Bangladesh [from the
      public interest point of view.]
      You had lied in your original posting that
      ""In 28th Oct 2006 BAL's supporters plunged over Jamat's meeting
      leaded by Haji Selim & Dr. Iqbal"
      In my posting I had the links including that of your favourite NoyaDigonto to present both side
      of the October 28th 2006  story. Even the Jamaati version didn't support your claim
      that Haji Selim and Dr. Iqbal led attack on Jamaat that day You lied to make your point and you
      got caught with your hands in the cookie jar. You have lost all your credibilities.
      Mir Zafor played the key role in the defeat in the of Palassy. Jogot Shet, Rai Ballav, Umi-Chand
      Raja Krishna Chandra Roy, Mohmodi Beg et el were co-conspiritors. That does not absolve
      Mir Zafor of his guilts. Mir Zafor symbolizes the traitors & treachery.
      The Mir Zafors of 1971 were even worse ... they proudly collaborated with the occupation
      army in killing our people and raping our women........
      You have been mixing up issues and conjuring false alligations out of thin air: I don't
      represent your off-repeated BAL or the India.  Do you have problems in understanding
      plain laguage? Or it is your attitude towards others who thinks differently than that of
      you and cohorts?
      Last, but not the least, communalism in all it's form must be condenmed:
      be it Hindutva communalism or be it Jamaati Fundamentalism and parochialism.....
      "1947 Partition AND 1971 Liberation War = An Independent Bangladesh."
      is a historical fact. But the question remains why Muslim League,  Jamaate Islami,
      Nejame Islami and other religion-traders, not only officially opposed the creation of
      Independent Peoples Republicof Bangladesh, but collaborated with the occupation
      regime and the Jamaati gestapos [Al-bodor, Al-shams and Razakars] activly took
      part in the killing & raping missions of ordinary people in the occupied Bangladesh.
      Hasn't this been done in the name of Islam?
      Syed Aslam
      On 4/29/08, Md. Mostafa Kamal <mmk3k@...> wrote:
      Mr. Aslam,
      You're not exception from your BAL party i. e. Offence is the best defense. By calling me ISI, Paki, Jamati which is "SHAAK DIYE MAACH DHAKAR BERTHO CHESTA!". There is no way by condemning India for its stepmother act with Bangladesh that I am favoring Pakistan. 54-55 rivers water are one sided withdrawn by India, Pressure for land transit to reach seven sisters, not allowing Bangladesh for transit to Nepal & Bhutan, there is almost no tax free for Bangladesh product & even ISO certified products regularly face Indian custom objections, for a long time India did not allow any Bangladeshi investor to invest in India, anti-Bangladesh propaganda by Indian, past & present anti-unity activities by Shanti Bahinis & Nikhil Bongo Andolon etc. So these are the matters do they in favor of Pakistan? Have I ever written in favor of Pakistan which is against Bangladesh? It is blind BAL"s, Secularists, Pro-Indians colors the real patriots of Bangladesh. Look at the illogical matter bellow;
      SO MANUSH'O BISTHA KHAI. Is this possible?
      So either it is Jamati or Paki-panthis or Razakars or Patriots of Bangladesh whatever say we have to scrutinize or analyze the matter whether it is in favor of Bangladesh or not. But you're like a Cunning Fox not analyzing the matter you're calling me ISI, Pakis & Jamat comprehensively. ONDHO HOLAI KI PROLOY BONDHO HOY MR. ASLAM?
      Look the Partition of the Sub-Continent or failure of untied Bengal is just not the consequence of the British colonialism. You just Blaming Mir Jafar, which he is the most culprit of the lost of Nawab Sirajuddawla in 1757. But what about Jogot Shet, Rai Ballav, Umi-Chad, Raja Krishna Chandra Roy? Weren't they know about the conspiracy about PALASHI war. They also inspire & behind Mir Jafar. Similarly the British couldn't concer the whole Sub-Continent if they did not get the help from Hindus & specially from the High Race Brahmmans. Because the Hindus wanted to pull out the Muslim or Moghal's ruling from Delhi. You're helping & favoring the Brahmmans by not criticize them. That is why you're mentioning that failure of United Bengal is just a history. No Mr. Aslam it is just not a ordinary history but a vital turning point of time & history. Look when the Congress denied the demand from the Muslim leaders for 25% partnership in the party (the Hindu leaders rejected it) then Muslims have left no option but to form the Muslim League. Do you like to say these Brahmmans in the Congress ran by the Idea of the British? So do not be so smart Mr. Aslam. The link
      clearly shows that Muhammad Ali Jinnah was not against United Bengal but Neheru & all most all the Hindu leaders of West Bengal was against United Bengal. This reference brought from Nicholas Mansergh, The Transfer of Power, 1942-47, vol. X, with page numbers. You do not want to Blame WB's dadas, so-called secularists in Bangladesh & the Pro-Indians here.
      Mr. Aslam dragging the 1757 Palashi war's reference to compare with "if the 1947 partition or East Pakistan was not born how could we get Bangladesh? " is totally irrelevant of our debate. Bangladesh stands on the 56000 square miles which we have gotten in 1947. 1971's based on this 56000 SQ. miles. If the whole Bengal joined the India like the West Bengal how could we get today's Bangladesh, that is my question. But you're never close to my answer & instead of that you're making illogical comments, illusions & misguiding the debate totally to the wrong track. Just like "PANI GHOLA KORA BA HOJOBOROLO". 1971 is the consistency of 1947. You simply can not reverse the history of a forming a country but to accept the facts. Again I like to say it was Muslim hating Hindu leaders of course supported by the Most Hindus in WB have acted against to form a unite Bengal. Look Sheikh Mujib also was the supporter of Muslim League & struggled for Pakistan before 1947 when he was confirmed that united Bengal is not possible. So the Late Honorable Khatib Obaidul Haq said those who say that 1947's decision to form East Pakistan is incorrect is a JAROJ(1994 or 1995). Look at Kashmir where Indian occupation has broken all most all the International Human Rights law to capture for it even the 87% Kashmirese would definitely like to join Pakistan. It seems you want the same situation. In Bangladesh's constitution it is articulated that Bangladesh's Land or its area are the same of former East Pakistan. Only Pro-Indians are hurt by the partition of 1947. You belong to them. As I have asked you several times about the Shekhor Commissions report in India about the backwards of the most of the minority Muslims there in India, which you're still silent. It is the Hindus who do not want that most Muslims should be well higher-educated or scholars, rich, get enough Govt. & private jobs or become elite persons. Look at both Bangladesh & Pakistan though each of the country's Muslims number bellow the Indian Muslims but in those countries there are vast numbers of Muslim Engineers, Doctors, Master Degree or Graduate Degree holders, scholars etc. If the Partition was not happened then entire sub-continents Muslim would be the burden for it. Because the Bangladesh & Pakistan severed from India for that is why they are Muslim majority to provide enough education for its Muslim people. But only the DALALS of India will deny it.
      Look Mohajir problem is just an exception. There is also Sindh, Beluch, Patahn (tribal) problem back in Pakistan. But still Pakistan is united & has managed to get all most all its genuine rights as a neighboring country of India. Five common rivers water are shared by the international law. India can not play cat & mouse (TAAL BAHANA) with Pakistan with many common matters including this. If we the Bangladeshis who draws this kind of examples the BAL, so called secularists, Pro-Indians colors us the Razakar, Pakis, Jamatis whether it is totally in favor of Bangladesh. Syed Aslam is just like the DALAL the x-water resource minister Abdur Razzak(BAL) was angry why the x-foreign minister Mr. Morshed Khan complain against India in the UN not give us enough water through Faraqqa Barage 2005-06. It is clear that what ever India will do even it is against Bangladesh's favor there Syed Aslam & his BAL gongs will not allow you to criticize India. That is why he draws of Paki-Indian Dalal with the record of YOUTUBE.
      Mr. Aslam you make me laugh again to consider you as a Joker. Are you blind because you did not read the article of Nayadiganta (which you've given me) where it reported on the 28th October of 2006 fully. There it has said it was BAL's terrorists who shot bullets towards Jamat's supporters & not Jamat to the BAL. So do not be foolish or Stupid. I condemn Janakantha & other BAL media who mentioned that Jamat has shot bullets to the BAL mob. In fact the BAL has first attacked on the Jamat's meeting on the North Gate of Baitul Mokarram. Again you have acted as an cunning fox, which will not hide the facts. Like you & your BAL gong condemn Shahid Zia for Shah Azizur Rahman. He was freed by Bongobandhu & presented of can at the price of 22000 taka (Prothom Alo 26th March 2008). So truth will over come. Whether you like it or not.
      Mr. Aslam neither internet nor this e-forum is your property. By questioning the appearance of me "from where Md. Mostafa Kamal comes from" etc is act of undemocratic comments. As you're a Pro-Indian you will find confusion in my writings but the true patriots of Bangladesh my writings are articulated. I have never asked that from where you come. I have the same right to write in the internet as you have. Your acts just like BAKSHALIi's. You & your BAL gongs want to score goals where your opponent is not present in the field. But if you think so then you're living in fools heaven. You guys are so far from the facts & all most whatever you say just for your fake mental satisfaction.
      Thank You All,
      Md. Mostafa Kamal.

      Syed Aslam <Syed.Aslam3@...> wrote:
      Mr. Md. Mostafa Kamal
      Where did you find this :
      "It is you who are so hurt person who cries or tears for division of so called Mother India."
      Why are you attributing this on me?
      Can you substantiate your false statement that I am espousing a "Mother India"?
      After getting caught by lying about  October-28 episode, you became so un-nerved that you have brought that issue out of context .....
      This is an age old tactics by the Pakistan lovers, Jamaatis also use this tactics in their propaganda. 
      The article in your link is very ambigious. It is true that Suhrawardy and Sarat Bose [Brother of Subash Chandra Bose] jointly proposed the creation of United Bengal .The Hindu Mohashova, a  staunchly communal hindutva political party, counterpart of today's Jamaate Islami tabled the
      main  opposition to the concept of Independentt Bengal in 1971. Some Hindu and Muslim leaders of  Bengal supported Suhrawardy and Sarat Bose in their move. Prominent among them were Kiran Shankar Roy (Leader of the Congress Parliamentary Party in Bengal Assembly), Satya Ranjan Bakshi (Sarat Bose's Secretary), ABUL HASHIM (Secretary of the Bengal Provincial
      Muslim League), Fazlur Rahman (Revenue Minister of the Province),MOHAMMAD ALI  CHOWDHURY (Finance Minister in Suhrawardy's cabinet) and others. For a short duration, the
      proposal was discussed both at private and public bodies and important negotiations took place  among Bengal leaders. In fact, the concept of a sovereign independent Bengal had its origins in  the past. The adoption of the  LAHORE RESOLUTION in March 1940  was a significant step
      towards highlighting the demand for Independent Bengal. .... these are all HISTORY....History can not be repaired but falsification and twistings of history can be used to create new history ...  that's what the defeatist Pakistan lovers and their cronies are trying ...
      FYI, there are no one shading  of tears for the division of so called Mother India in our 21st  century world except for few Mohajir leaders (MQM) in Pakistan who diplore the miserable plights of refugee Indian muslims in Pakistan  & Bangladesh [see

      Md. Mostafa Kamal's hypothesis of "Mother India" is a part of ISI's propaganda ploy to divert the attention of the masses from the real issues of  Bangladesh which is: democracy & people's power, eradiction of corruptions, fair trial of the accused,  impending food crisis, and punishment
      of all the collaborators of Pakistan etc.
      Mr. Md Mostafa Kamal'as another contention:"If the East Pakistan was not born how could  you get Bangladesh by severing India? " He should thank Mir Zafor and the British occupation, because if Nawab Sirajudullah was not defeated and Clive didn't win, there would not have been
      any Pakistan. Historically, Pakistan is a consequence of British occupation of the Sub-continent.
      I have no idea where this Md. Mostofa Kamal is comming from?
      He is either ideologically motivated by the Pakistan doctrine or he is utterly, a confused guy. His confused thinkings lead to his confused writing ... as always.
      Last, but not the least, communalism in all it's form must be condenmed: be it Hindutva communalism  or be it Jamaati Fundamentalism and parochialism.....
      Readers, if you are interested to read a comparatively unbiased paper on Suhrawardy-Sarat Bose  maneuvors  for Independent Bengal please see (1) A move for United Independent Bengal/Harunor Rashid.
                               (2) East Bengal at independence/Ahmed Kamal.
                               (3) Language movement/Badruddin Umar
      These are included in the book  History of Bangladesh 1704-1971 (3 Vols-Set) edited by Sirajul Islam
      and published by Asiatic Society of Bangladesh. Also read:
      Amar Jibon - An autobiography by Dr. Badruddin Umar[Dr. Umar son Mr. ABUL HASHIM (Secretary of the Bengal Provincial Muslim League), of  was an eye witness to the United Bengal move.
      Syed Aslam
      PS: "In 28th Oct 2006 BAL's supporters plunged over Jamat's meeting leaded by Haji Selim & Dr. Iqbal" Lie! lie! lie! [Mr. Kamal is a true decendent of Goebbles? .... Ekta lie bar bar bolle ki se ta sotto hoye jai ... ?]

      On 4/27/08, Salahuddin Ayubi <s_ayubi786@...> wrote:
      I am with you Mr. Kamal. Your rebuttal though is brief but it is exactly to the point. Looking forward to Mr. Aslams' answer.
                  Salahuddin Ayubi

      "Md. Mostafa Kamal" <mmk3k@...> wrote:
      Mr. Aslam,
      It is you who are so hurt person who cries or tears for division of so called Mother India. Of course not me by the broken of Pakistan. Bangladesh is my only & last address in this world. Look at the Shekhor Commission's report on Indian Muslims. Comparing Bangladesh-Pakistan Vs India how many Doctors, Engineers, MBA etc Muslim scholars in those countries. If the East Pakistan was not born how could you get Bangladesh by severing India? It is the WB's Hindu leader who prefer to Join India rather than a United Bengal. Please see bellow;

      Look your BAL's Netri Hasina was called the Chief Minister back in Kolkata. Was it lie? She laughed & never protested. So did you. So we want a PM of an Independent & Sovereign Bangladesh, which you & your BAL gong Kabir Chowdhury, Late-Wahidul Haq wants to go back before 1947 for United India or AKHONDO BHARAT MATA & say proudly JOY HIND.
      So it is the burning differnce between you & me.
      Thank You All,
      Md. Mostafa Kamal.

      Syed Aslam <Syed.Aslam3@...> wrote:
      Mr. Md. Mostafa Kamal
      This is the reason that Mullahs abhor Free-Mixing !
      [Keep the women out of the University .... Co-education,
      Co-education .... NauzuBillah, NauzuBillah !!! - Sibir slogan]
      May be now she will quit BCL and join Sibir and turn into a Hijabi.
      Some people learn in the hard way and some never learn...
      As far as I see, you are inherently a bitter person, you are angry
      and put all your anger on BAL because Awami League has 
      broken your favorite Pakistan into two pieces.
      You seem to be quite facinated by the word BAL. It gives
      you and your buddies tremendous anount of complacence ....
      and inner satisfactions... Everything is yollow to the Jaundiced Eyes 
      and everything is BAL  to Md. Mostafa Kamal.
      Syed Aslam
      PS: Your version of  28th Oct 2006 is out and out lie and total distortion of facts
             by Haji Selim & Dr. Iqbal. may be blamed for may other misdeeds, but
             they didn't led October 28th episode. Even Jamaati Sangran didnt say so.
             Daily star
      None of these papers mention Haji Selim & Dr. Iqbal per se..
      Mr. Md. Mostafa Kamal, you have lost all his credibilities..
      Lier, lier pants on fire !!!! You pretend that you have stopped
      lying, but you have just gotten better at it ....
      - Show quoted text -

      On 4/25/08, Md. Mostafa Kamal <mmk3k@...> wrote:
      Mr. Aslam,
      Do you have really a sense of humour?
      In 28th Oct 2006 BAL's supporters plunged over Jamat's meeting leaded by Haji Selim & Dr. Iqbal. There were no gun shot from Jamat's end. What you're or your reference saying is totally lie. It was infact started by your BAL & not Jamat. If the Jamat's cader shooted 100 rounds of bullets so why there is no casualty by a single bullet shot? It is logical thousands of BAL supporters there & no one hurt by a bullet, how it is possible? As you see your BAL's student wing BCL's male persons brutually attacked on Shima Islam it certainly proves that you & your BAL are totally liars & have no shame. So please at least as you're quite better person than Eng. Shafiq, Arif, Abul then kindly show us sense of humour & abstain from these sort of Propagandas.
      Thank You All,
      Md. Mostafa Kamal. 

      Syed Aslam <Syed.Aslam3@...> wrote:

      Musings from a General

      [ The source of the following writeup is an active-duty general in the Bangladesh Army. The author of this piece wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons. There are lots of interesting snippets here: a 2006 coup plan, Anwarul Iqbal's exist strategy to the UAE, etc. But I was not aware the Iazuddin has 20 pet dogs or that the government expenditure for those dogs is upsetting some young army officers, but the most important piece of information hinted in this piece explains why Moeen U. Ahmed's tenure as Chief of Staff was extended by one year. We were convinced that MUA will, after his retirement in June, step up to 'rescue' the country. But given the prices of essentials, specially the world-wide shortage of rice, becoming the de-jure ruler of Bangladesh is a no-win situation. So MUA, who is evidently a smart man (yes, I know the joke about Military Intelligence being an oxymoron, too) decided to extend his term by one year and remain the de-facto ruler until then. Does this mean the election will be pushed back until 2009? Generals are allowed to resign and enter politics, so we believe Gen. Ahmed is firmly straddling the fence at this point, but we will not be surprised if "unavoidable circumstances" pushes the election back. J @ ShadaKalo ]
      Who Was Behind the Military-backed Government in Bangladesh?

      Interesting stories started emanating from the Bangladesh military intelligence sources in Dhaka. The rumor states that Mr. Anwarul Iqbal, who was in-charge of Police Force was asked to withdraw police forces from the 'war zone' on October 28, 2006 where few political activists and demonstrators were beaten to death. A selected few media blamed the 'logi boita' for the deaths while the Awami League leaders claimed and a few private TV channels showed that the Jamat supporters opened fire while shouting 'morle shoheed, bacle gazi' (if you die, you would go to heaven and if you don't die, you become a winner for eternity). His Deputy Police Commissioners repeatedly apprised him of the consequences of withdrawing the police forces and argued that the function of the police force is to maintain law and order. He did not listen to their arguments. As a reward and for his obedience, he was picked up as an Honorable Advisor in the current military-backed emergency government of Dr. Fakhruddin Ahmed. Recently, he tried to put the Election Commission under fire by announcing that the Thana and local Parishad elections would be held prior to the national election for which the caretaker government was primarily installed. More interesting, as a precautionary measure, it is reported that Advisor Anwarul Iqbal has recently brought private flats in Dubai and UAE with a view to settle there after the change of the government. If the story is not true, he may submit a detail story on the 28th October incident as well as his income and wealth statement to dispel the rumors.

      It is also reported that the British High Commissioner Mr. Anwar Chowdhury managed to diplomatically defeat the U. S. Ambassador Patricia Buetenis who desperately wanted to have the national election in January 2007. She miserably failed as the EU diplomats sided with Mr. Chowdhury and therefore, she was withdrawn within 15 months of her service in Bangladesh. Now she is posted as the Deputy U.S. Ambassador in Iraq. Reportedly, British High Commissioner Mr. Chowdhury was a trusted confidante of the Awami League President Sheikh Hasina and he continually briefed her to stand strong in her demands. At the same time, he advised the BNP-Jamat leadership especially Begum Khaleda Zia not to compromise. He really enjoyed the rivalry of the Begums, the London-based the Economist so aptly enumerated. He earned confidence of Sheikh Hasina as his father was an expatriate Awami League leader in the United Kingdom. He was also close to the inner circle of the BNP leadership especially Mr. Saifur Rahman by being a Sylheti, the most trusted Minister of Khaleda Zia. British Prime Minister Tony Blair appointed Mr. Chowdhury, a Bangladeshi native as the British High Commissioner to Bangladesh to get political support of the Bangladeshi British nationals. In spite of his efforts for another term, he has recently been withdrawn by Foreign Secretary Milliband. Unlike others he stayed there for four years. But the damages that he did to this nation's nascent democracy will remain afresh just like the British Raj's dual policy of divide and rule for years to come.

      It is further reported that all arrangements were smartly made to have a military takeover in Bangladesh on October 28th. However Khaleda Zia's political advisor Salahuddin Quader Chowdhury, a shrewd politician that sided with Pakistan in 1971 Liberation War reportedly received information from Pakistan's ISI, the military intelligence forces and quickly foiled such attempt by hurriedly forming a Caretaker government headed by President Iazuddin Ahmed. Once the Caretaker Cabinet was formed, the military found difficulty to take over. President Iazuddin, a very selfish man has no love for the nation or nation's laws and rules other than himself.

      When the advisors of the Caretaker government of Iazuddin Ahmed were making progress and getting positive response from the opposing political parties, Dr. Iazuddin Ahmed at the advice of few selected military and civil society leaders obstructed any resolution. It is reported that both the TIB and the CPD got reasonable funding to continue their criticism of political leaders to create public opinion against them without fully knowing that they became a part of the conspiracy. However, CPD's Chief was rewarded with an Ambassadorial post immediately after the installation of the military-backed government that received nearly Tk80 crore British fund.

      As the economy is failing under the inept caretaker government composed of foreign trained international bureaucrats and there is no hope of recovery soon, the military is fed up with Dr. Fakhruddin Ahmed's government. Last January, four advisors were replaced and additional assistant advisors have recently been appointed to manage the economy. As it is not improving and there is not much hope of a quick fix, General Moeen U. Ahmed, the Army Chief is contemplating of handing over powers to an elected government. No wonder, while addressing the media this week he boldly stated that 'military has no political ambition'. Since last week a few generals have been quietly circulating the above 'untold stories' or 'classified information' as General Ahmed is convinced that leading such chaotic economy would be a bad choice now. However, before leaving the office, like a section of politicians that imported and enjoyed tax-free personal automobiles or made money out of such privilege, Army Chief General Moeen Ahmed rewarded him and his close associates with promotion and extension of service. That mentality of enjoying public benefits has not changed in spite of corruption jihad in the country. The current caretaker government will be over in 8/9 months, but upgrading of selected military ranks will continue even after its departure as the milestones of Fakhruddin government.

      It is also reported that President Iazuddin Ahmed has been feeding his 20 pet dogs costing the public exchequer over couple of lac taka each month and as some young and dedicated army officers raised noise due to famine condition in the country, President Iazuddin to silence them extended the tenure of their boss, General Moeen U. Ahmed by a year. Question is; is it the same old 'give and take policy' of past governments in a new bottle? Or is it something new and fresh 'so-called reform' to deprive younger officers?

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