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  • MAHESH Wagh
    R.C. Lahoti B-56, Sector-14 ... Telefax: +91-120-2516644 E-mail: lahotirc@gmail.com A letter
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      R.C. Lahoti B-56, Sector-14
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      A letter from a concerned parent to others

      Dear Parent,
      This is a letter from a parent who feels concerned about the future of his children/grand-children to others who may not probably be aware of how our basics of morality and ethics based on Indian culture and ethos (taught by any religion on the Indian earth) are sought to be tinkered with unmindful of the consequences.
      UNESCO has done funding for introducing chapters on `Sex Education’ in the text books of the classes beginning from 6th Standard. Stage was set for such introduction in the sessions commencing June-July this year. Books for child – students, and guide books for teachers were ready, to be supplied on opening of schools. However, this leaked out. Jainacharya Shreemad Vijay Ratnasunder surishwarjee Maharaj Saheb, an achieved soul and saint, has been camping in Delhi for last about six months and creating awareness about what is going to happen. Most of the Education Ministers in States did not know of this. When facts were brought to their notice they were taken aback. In the recent meeting of Education Ministers held in Delhi, there was virtually a revolt and the Hon’ble HRD Minister had to take a u-turn disowning any such attempt. A good number of States in the country have decided not to impart such education. But the possibility of a come-back cannot be ruled
      out. There is money-huge money-involved.
      All this is being done in the name of fighting against HIV-AIDS. These epidemics are not born in India. Leading life in the Indian way leaves no scope for such dreaded diseases. We need to restore our own values and teach them to the whole world. We believe in spiritualism and prevention as distinguished from Western belief in materialism and cure. A good number of parents shown the books sought to be introduced in CBSE curriculum have expressed their inclination to withdraw their children from such schools where these lessons will be taught. Teachers have expressed their difficulty and embarrassment in imparting such instructions. Imagine sex education being imparted in a class room where brother and sister are studying together !
      Informed sources claim that money is also coming from multinationals manufacturing and dealing in contraceptives and sex toys for whom we in India are just a market where anything and everything can be sold.
      Dear parent, be that as it may, I do not wish you to necessarily subscribe to my views. But I do appeal to you to spare some time and ponder over this issue in the interest of your own children, grandchildren and our young generation.
      A booklet `Red Alert’ is enclosed. Read it in the interest of school going children, who are your own.
      If you feel that this letter should not have been sent to you, just tear it off and consign it to waste paper basket.
      With regards,
      A well wisher,
      (R.C. Lahoti)
      Encl : A booklet `Red Alert’
      Note from Viniyog Parivar Trust:
      The booklet titled `Red Alert’ referred to in Justice Lahoti’s letter is published by Viniyog Parivar Trust and it will be available on request from :

      Viniyog Parivar Trust
      B-2/104, Vaibhav,
      Jambli Gali,
      Borivli (West),
      Mumbai-400 092.
      Tel. No. 28980749 / 2899 1781
      Email: vinyog@... or info@...

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