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KEVALA YOGA NEWSLETTER Issue 12, November 2005

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    RAW JUICE THERAPY Where medicines and injections fail to cure a disease, a proper diet, vegetables and fruit juices show miraculous results. Having been
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 7, 2005

      Where medicines and injections fail to cure a disease, a proper diet,
      vegetables and fruit juices show miraculous results. Having been
      assured of the above fact, Dr. Bircher Banner, an eminent physician of
      Switzerland, left his roaring practice and established a nature-cure
      centre in Zurich. He relieves the people of their ailments by the use
      of raw food, vegetable and fruit juices.

      Raw food, vegetable and fruit-juices should be consumed for general
      health and well being. But to get relief from a particular disease,
      specific juice therapy should be resorted to under the guidance of an

      Dr. Max Gerson has treated cancer patients with fruit and vegetable
      juices and saved them from the jaws of death. He states that in the
      treatment of cancer it is necessary to get the catabolic cells
      activated. For that, he makes use of plenty of live juices of

      Fruit juices are more effective than medicines on the kidney. Juice
      therapy is an efficacious cure for the ailments of the liver and
      kidney. Cherry juice bestows marvelous benefits in the cases of gout
      and arthritis.

      A diet containing vegetable and fruit juices and raw food has been
      proved a successful experiment for preventing aging and for the
      rejuvenation of the body. There is no alternative to juice therapy for
      the rapid replacement of red corpuscles and cells in the human body.

      The treatment given through vegetable and fruit juices is harmless,
      reliable and without any side effects. Even if sometimes fruit juices
      are taken in abundance, no hyper-vitaminosis can occur. Therefore, it
      is logical to prefer juice therapy to any other risk involving remedy
      in illness.

      Innumerable cells inhabited in the body and billions of blood-
      corpuscles perish every day. Food is necessary for their
      replenishment. If the food is natural and combined with vegetable and
      fruit-juices, this replacement takes place very rapidly. This is most
      essential in the case of those who are unhealthy and of an advanced
      age. Elements obtained from essential for maintaining the proper
      balance of the cells. Sugar and other substances contained in them are
      easily digestible and after their quick absorption in the blood, begin
      the work of the reconstruction.
      Synthetic vitamins and enzymes given to a patient as medicines are not
      as effective as they are supposed to be, while natural vitamins and
      enzymes obtained from live juices give wonderful results.

      A diet consisting of fruits and vegetables (not juices) has its
      shortcomings. Roughages, residues and other wooden elements are a
      burden to the digestive system. Even a healthy body with sound
      digestive system has the capacity of disintegrating only 35% of the
      ingredients from the vegetables and assimilate them. In illness, this
      capacity wears out. So it is possible that the body may not acquire
      essential substances from vegetables in sufficient quantities. This is
      why the use of their juices is recommended. The body is able to absorb
      95% of substances contained in juices. Moreover, the healthy body and
      the strong teeth require a lot of time for chewing and eating fruits
      and vegetables which have to be consumed in large quantities to get
      sufficient quantity of necessary substances out of them. The result is
      that the body fails to acquire a necessary quantum of essential
      substances. To avoid all this, the use of live juices of vegetables
      and fruits it recommended.

      Some persons complain that taking vegetable and fruit juices do not
      satisfy the palate and appetite. A proper combination of juices will
      redress this kind of complaint. Generally if carrot-juice, apple-juice
      and lemon-juice each is mixed with any other juice, the result is a
      tasty juice. This method can be adopted when several unpalatable
      vegetable-juices have to be consumed.

      It is not advisable to take fruit and vegetable-juices together at the
      same time. It is advisable to keep a gap of 3 to 4 hours between the
      two types of juices. Fruit juices should be taken in the first half of
      the day and vegetable juices should be taken in the afternoon or in
      the evening.

      Live juices – useful to all: Vitamins, minerals and enzymes are
      essential for the restoration of the blood-corpuscles and the cells.
      They are obtained from raw vegetables, fruits and their juices. The
      body itself can produce certain substances, but after youth this
      capacity of the body wears out. So in an advanced age such food is
      necessary as would be digested and absorbed easily and quickly so that
      the process of reconstruction of the blood-corpuscles and the cells
      might be maintained. Fruit and vegetable juices do this important

      These live juices are equally necessary for children and adults.
      Children pay attention mostly to their games and are careless about
      their food habits. Consequently, they do not get sufficient and proper
      nourishment. In these circumstances, they require nourishing food. You
      will hardly find a child or a youth having patience and understanding
      the importance of chewing food slowly while eating it. Unless fruits
      and vegetables are chewed profusively, the most essential elements
      contained in their rinds and fibres cannot be separated. This is the
      reason why children and adults are not benefited though they eat them
      in large quantities. One to one and a half kg. of vegetables and
      fruits might have to be taken daily in order to get the required
      nutrients. Who can find leisure to chew and eat such a large quantity
      of food? This problem has only one solution. Children and young
      persons should be provided with juice-diet. Juice-diet supplier all
      the necessary substances such as vitamins, minerals and enzymes
      required by the body without labour and loss of time. Thus old,
      adults, young and children alike require juice-diet.

      Prevention of a disease is better than its cure. Children and young
      persons cannot get nutritious substances necessary for their body
      because of their improper diet and bad food habits. Owing to their
      undesirable habits and likings for food, the blood-corpuscles and the
      tissue cells are destroyed instead of being reconstructed. Several
      vices and present unhealthy environment have worn out weakened our
      children and young generation. If we want to save them from further
      deterioration, they should be persuaded to form the habit of taking

      A comparison between fruit-juices and vegetable-juices: All of us
      would ask a question – which juices are more important in juice-diet –
      fruit-juices or vegetable-juices? Its answer is somewhat
      argumentative, because eminent dieticians have not yet come to one
      conclusion. The advocates of fruit-juices (Fruitarians) believe that
      only fruit-juices constitute an essential diet for mankind. Almost all
      the substances necessary for the human body can be obtained from them.

      Yet, the experiments and analysis conducted so far have proved that
      vegetables are richer than fruits in view of their nutritious values.
      In a book entitled `The Mountain Gorilla, Ecology and Behaviour'
      written by George B. Schaller, it is mentioned that fruits cannot
      supply all the elements necessary for a human body. Of course, fruits
      are comparatively very tasty and delicious and to extract juice from
      them is easy.

      Only taste and flavour do not make fruits nutritious and full of all
      nutrients. In view of nutrients, vegetables are preferable to fruits.
      Considering this, a dispute over the qualities of fruits and
      vegetables is meaningless. We should make the balanced use of both
      fruits and vegetables fir health and cure of disease. Both fruits and
      vegetables should be considered equally beneficial to mankind. Yet it
      may be added that a physical fit and unhealthy person may rely solely
      on fruits but the sick, the old and children should invariably take
      vegetable-juices with fruit-juices.

      Fruit-juices do the work of purifying blood. They cast out the toxic
      elements accumulated in the cells of the body. Fruits or fruit-juices
      increase the quantity of urine through which all toxic elements of the
      body are thrown out. On the other hand, raw vegetables and their
      juices do the work of reconstruction in the body. Vegetable-juices
      produce new cells in place of those that have been destroyed owing to
      a disease.
      Those who adopt juice-diet should select varieties of fruits and
      vegetables. Some varieties are richer in some substances than the
      others. A person can get almost all the nutritious substances in
      proper proportion required by his body by making frequent changes in
      the selection of fruits and vegetables.

      Fruit-juices and vegetable-juices are supplementary to each other. So
      those who adopt naturopathy and juice-therapy should, without any
      discrimination, consume juices of varied fruits and vegetables

      As most of dieticians are opposed to mixing fruit=juices with
      vegetable-juices, it is desirable to take them separately at different
      times of the day. As fruit-juices are diuretic, they should not be
      taken in the evening or at night. The best time for taking fruit-
      juices is the first half of the day, but vegetable-juices can be taken
      at any time of the day. They can be taken in the latter half of the
      day also.

      Juice-diet and sexual ability: A number of persons occasionally
      inquire whether vegetables, fruits or their juices have beneficial
      effects on sexual life. This question needs a detailed discussion.

      Since ancient times people have been making the use of various fruit-
      juices for the purpose of increasing their ability for sexual
      pleasures. There are references in which it is stated that the ancient
      Greeks used to consume cabbage-juice to increase their sexual ability.
      The Balkan peasants of Russia regularly drink pumpkin-juice to
      maintain their sexual ability till their old age. It is a common
      belief that there are juices of many fruits and vegetables like onion-
      juice, carrot-juice, etc. which contain the substances that increase
      sexual ability.

      First of all, it is necessary to understand the scientific facts
      regarding sexual life. Sexual excitement depends upon two forces: 1)
      the mind and 2) the secretion of some glands. The prime need is the
      desire for sexual pleasure. When this glands which secrete some live
      chemicals (hormones) and there is sexual excitement. Thus, if there is
      an intense desire for sexual pleasure and, if there are a proper
      balance and regulation of the secretion of endocrine glands, sexual
      life becomes contented.

      In our country, sexual life is shy and reserved and no methodical sex-
      education is imparted. Hence this simple, natural activity is believed
      to be complex.

      According to the opinion of Dr. James Litham of `Bureau of Biological
      Research' at Rutzers University of America, sexual ability and general
      health are directly related to nutrition. If food is properly planned
      and regulated, both sexual ability and health can be obtained and
      maintained easily.

      Yet, many frightened people or those enticed by alluring
      advertisements run after medicines in order to acquire or increase
      sexual ability. They rely on these stimulating drugs and become
      mentally and financially afflicted. As a matter of fact, no medicinal
      herb or calx can improve sexual ability. These medicines perhaps bring
      a temporary sensual excitement, but in the long run they greatly
      damage the body. These stimulative drugs produce malefic heat in the
      body. The consumption of these medicines causes skin-diseases and
      abdominal disorders. Despite this, the manufacturers of such drugs and
      their dealers make a fortune out of the ignorance or anxiety of the
      people. Some present doctors too prescribe synthetic hormones for the
      treatment of sexual weakness. These doctors take the undue advantage
      of people's eagerness for regaining their lost sexual ability. Of
      course, the use of such drugs can, to certain extent, be justified
      only if the endocrine glands are diseased and fail to produce
      secretion. But in the absence of any definite cause a doctor should
      not prescribe such drugs even though pressed by his patient. The drugs
      containing synthetic hormones produce harmful side-effects.

      Science now supports the belief that fruits and vegetables increase
      sexual ability. The Bureau of Britain has recently published a report
      giving information about fresh fruits and vegetables. The report
      supports the theory that fruit and vegetable-juices contain the
      elements that stimulate the desire for sensual pleasure. The report
      adds that in the human brain there is a part called `limbic system'
      which is the source of the instincts of hunger, thirst, sex, etc.
      Fruit and vegetable-juices properly stimulate this `limbic system'.

      Vitamin `A', richly contained in spinach, carrot, watermelon, mango
      and plums helps to transform cholesterol into active sexual hormones.

      Similarly, Vitamin `B' richly contained in potatoes, banana and
      pumpkin plays a major role in the production of sexual hormones.

      Bananas can reduce mental stress. If one is under mental stress, one's
      sex-hormones are adversely affected causing undesirable restriction.
      Bananas are rich in potassium which relieves mental stress.
      Consequently, there is a proper secretion of hormones.

      Vitamin `E' is also very valuable for sexual life. Vitamin `E' in
      English is called `anti-sterility' vitamin. Its deficiency causes
      impotence. Wheat-husk, raw vegetables, fruits, millet, sesame, etc.
      contain plenty of Vitamin `E'. It is a proven fact that the intake of
      these substances in sufficient quantities improves sexual life.

      The health of the prostate gland is important for the regulation and
      prolongation of sexual life. Zinc mineral is useful to keep the
      prostate gland active. This mineral is easily available from French
      beans, cucumber, onion, spinach, carrot and cabbage-juice.

      As stated earlier, the addiction to tobacco, cigarettes, marijuana,
      liquor, etc. destroys valuable vitamins contained in the body. Fruit
      and vegetable-juices control this damage and help to eliminate its
      effects. Thus, vitamins are necessary for healthy sex-life and their
      best sources are fruits and vegetables.

      In short, the regular consumption of fruits, vegetables and their
      juices produces sexual ability, improves it and also maintains if for
      a very long time. Moreover, these juices are free from side-effects
      and improve general health too.

      Prof. Dr. Dhilip Kumar Ph.D, Dr. Sc.
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