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1445RE: [kevalayoga] Breathing Workshop on 20th May 2012 (Sun) by Dr.Dhilip

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  • Supriya Prasannan
    May 15, 2012
      Good day,

      Could you please advise if there are 3 seats available the session.

      Thank you

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      Subject: [kevalayoga] Breathing Workshop on 20th May 2012 (Sun) by Dr.Dhilip

      Conducted by Dr.Dhilip Kumar

      Have you ever exercised your heart & lungs on a regular basis?
      Do you know the length of your life depends on the length and depth of your
      90% people of age 35 & above are poor breathers and this leads to many kinds of diseases. The heart and the lungs are 2 organs that nourish oxygen to every cell of the body which is the most important nutrient. Come join this 4 hours session with Dr. Dhilip to work on your heart, lungs and regulate your blood pressure &
      heart beat.

      You will learn:

      -Introduction to Pranayama and Respiratory System
      -Understanding Nadis (Physic Channels) & Chakras (vital force)
      -Effects of Pranayama & Asanas for Pranayama
      -The Art of Inhalation, Retention, Exhalation, Lung Breathing
      -Jalaneti, Nostril Cleansing
      -Rhythmic Breathing (Vritti Pranayama)
      -Mudras and Bandhas Level 1 (Healing with the Vital Forces)

      -Delay the ageing process & enhance memory retention
      -Regulate heartbeat and blood pressure - Prevent heart disease,
      degeneration of the nerves & reduce pain of the muscles & nerves.

      Date: 20th May 2012 (Sun) Time: 2.00pm-6.00pm
      Fee: RM90.00
      Venue: Kevala Centre

      For registration, please call:
      03-5636 7986 (off) or 012-287 3502

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