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  • robert e. guinness
    Happy belated Labor Day to everyone! As many of you might know, the Presidential campaign really heats up after Labor Day, and hopefully so will things at
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 8, 2004
      Happy belated Labor Day to everyone! As many of you might know, the Presidential campaign really heats up after Labor Day, and hopefully so will things at KerrySpace. To help bring us to the next level, I have created a website, which can be accessed by going to http://kerryspace.com.

      The first part of the site is an online form for KerrySpace members to fill out basic information about who they are. This information will never be shared with anyone in any personally identifiable form. They only way it may be used is, for instance, to send basic information (total number of members, geographic distribution, industries represented, age range, etc.) about our group to the Kerry campaign or media who may request such information. It is important that we know who the members of KerrySpace are, so I ask that everyone fill out this form completely. As a small incentive to fill it out, when you fill out the form,  you will receive full posting privileges to KerrySpace (i.e. unmoderated access level).

      The second part of the site that you will see is an opportunity to donate to a fund I have set up for KerrySpace. This fund will be used to make purchases that will further our cause, such as postage and stationary to do a letter writing campaign, purchase an ad in Space News or Ad Astra to tell the space community about our group, and other ideas that are described on the website.

      Arthur Smith has started off the donations with a nice $20 donation, and I have donated the costs of purchasing the kerryspace.com domain name and hosting plan. We are asking each member to commit to a reasonable $5 donation to help further our cause. If everyone gives even a little, we can really have an impact over the next two months. As an added incentive, the first 20 people to donate $15 or more will receive a kerryspace.com email address. (i.e. yourname@... with full POP/IMAP features.)

      <>The management of the KerrySpace fund will be fully transparent with all donations and expenditures posted on the site (donations can be made anonymously by request). Major purchases will also be made democratically (by discussion and vote, if needed) Of course, only members who donate will have a say in how the funds are spent, so another incentive to give is you will have full voting privileges, even if you can only donate the minimum amount. I hope that everyone will choose to participate because the more resources we have, the more of an impact we can have on the Kerry campaign.

      Please visit kerryspace.com now and check it out. I'd also love to have some help with design of the site, as my skill level is somewhat limited. Please let me know any suggestions/questions you have. I am also available to chat by phone (314) 935-9191 x 221, or you can leave me a number where you can be reached.

      Go Kerry, and Go Space!!!!

      Thanks for your support,

      Rob Guinness
      Founder, KerrySpace
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