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ICELAND Alert! ASAP action needed

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  • david camilleri
    Iceland - The Critical Stage Sample letter below After intensive discussions with the Iceland Nature Conservation Association (INCA) the Norwegian firm NORSK
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 29, 2001
      Iceland - The Critical Stage

      Sample letter below

      After intensive discussions with the Iceland Nature Conservation Association
      (INCA) the Norwegian firm NORSK HYDRO has been identified as the most
      important target. If we can get them to withdraw from the project everything
      else will follow. Your letters have generated great interest in the
      Icelandic and Norwegian media. We have drafted a new letter, on a separate

      'NORSK HYDRO LATEST!' at < http://proaction.tripod.com/Iceland/id8.html >

      Please go there now - mail Norsk Hydro -� and copy to as many of the media
      links as you can!� And forward widely.

      We will report results as we hear them.


      email to Norsk Hydro: < corporate@... >

      .... and copy please to Proact and the News Media (links below):

      Proact < proact-iceland@... >
      ICELAND REVIEW < sigridur.benediktsdottir@... >
      AFTENPOSTEN OSLO < jonathan.tisdall@...;
      nina.berglund@...; liz.mcnamara@... >
      TV2 OSLO < gunnar.stavrum@...; rune.indroy@... >

      Cut and Paste from here

      The Managing Director
      Mr. Eyvind Reiten
      Norsk Hydro ASA
      N-0240 Oslo

      Dear Sir,

      As you will now undoubtedly have been informed by your experts, the
      Icelandic Planning Agency issued a very clear ruling against the
      Krahnjkavirkjun hydroelectric project on the 1st of August 2001.

      This 750 MW hydroelectric project was proposed to be built north of the
      Vatnajoekull Glacier to provide energy for the planned Reydaral aluminium
      smelter with joint Norsk Hydro and Icelandic ownership (the so-called Noral
      Project). The ruling could not have been more unambiguous in terms of its
      arguments and conclusion - the project should NOT go ahead at all! The
      enormous and irreversible impact it would have on Iceland's and Europe's
      largest remaining wilderness area is unacceptable.

      In addition the Planning Agency pointed out,

      "... that the data that have been presented are not sufficiently full
      regarding all the main parts of the proposed development project in
      connection with the Krahnjkar Power Plant so as to make it possible to form
      an idea of their extent."

      Your staff will be carrying out an internal appraisal of the report on the
      implications for Norsk Hydro. They should not leave informed public opinion
      out of account in their analysis. It is not only clear to professional
      environmentalists and conservationists that the project must be abandoned;
      an increasing number of ordinary people, with concern for the preservation
      of the ever-dwindling unspoilt natural resources worldwide, are mobilising.
      We, the undersigned, belong to this category of concerned world citizens and
      are busy recruiting as many more as we can.

      You must also be aware that Iceland's prime minister, foreign minister and
      minister for industry have not only attacked the ruling by the Planning
      Agency; but also the integrity of its staff. Lots of Icelanders, as well as
      ourselves, will be asking if this is 'democracy at work'; at the very least
      it is a classic sign of political disunity and miscalculation.

      By remaining silent on the matter, Norsk Hydro in effect condones such
      practices - this could be interpreted by some as an unwarranted intrusion
      into internal Icelandic politics.

      Given the above, it is difficult to see how Norsk Hydro can justify its
      further participation in the Noral Project. Our advice, and expectation, is
      that your company withdraws from the project immediately. We urge you to
      accept the conclusions and ruling of the EPA report. If you now inform the
      Icelandic government and Landsvirkjun (the national Power Company) that you
      are withdrawing from the project this will make any further action on their
      part superfluous.

      In your loss/gain column do not forget to add your contribution to the
      future of the natural beauty, the variety of species and stable environment
      of Iceland. It will be appreciated everywhere and will be of considerable
      benefit to your corporate image.

      We want to help preserve a part of what little is left of the once diverse
      European landscape for future generations. Here is your chance to help.
      Trusting that you will reach a decision which will give us all grounds for
      celebration, we remain,

      yours sincerely

      [Add Name & Address]
      to here

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