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4 JAN 04 - Kern River Valley CBC Highlights

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    Hi, The 04 JAN 04 Kern River Valley CBC recorded a record 137 species (plus one count week species) in bright, clear, calm, and very cold weather (10 degrees F
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      The 04 JAN 04 Kern River Valley CBC recorded a record 137 species (plus one
      count week species) in bright, clear, calm, and very cold weather (10
      degrees F
      to 21 degrees F low to not much higher high). A near final cut compilation
      kindly made by Alison Sheehey in my absence during the entire week following
      the count day shows over 25,811 individual birds counted.

      There were lots and lots and lots of highlights both in terms of birds rarely
      observed in Kern County to those rarely observed on the Kern River Valley
      Christmas Bird Count. In terms of traditional serious birding, the highlight
      bird was the first record of Palm Warbler for the Kern River Valley
      reported by
      Murrelet Halterman who observed the bird well, took good notes, made a good
      sketch with key field marks noted, and noticed confirming behaviors. A review
      of the HIGHLIGHTS list following may yield a sighting of interest to you.

      Thanks to the thirty participnats for their participation and considerable
      results on this season's KRV CBC:
      Bob Barnes, Darrell Barnes, Teresa Benson, Nancy Bruce, Brenda Burnett, Dan
      Burnett, Gary File, Terri Gallion, Bruce Garlinger, Frank Gibson, Murrelet
      Halterman, Brenda Kyle, Ken Kyle, Denise La Berteaux, Max Lathum, Barbara
      Mansfield, Michael McQuerrey, Marya Miller, Chuck Peck, Barbara Reifel, John
      Schmitt, Mark Schmitt, Alison Sheehey, Bob Steele, Susan Steele, Sandra
      Steve Williams, Deb Wilson, John Wilson, and Peter Woodman.

      SOME HIGHLIGHTS: Wood Duck 14; Hooded Merganser 5; RED-BREASTED MERGANSER 2
      (SECOND WINTER RECORD for the Kern River Valley); Mountain Quail 3; Common
      1; Horned Grebe 2; Eared Grebe 2035; Osprey 9, Bald Eagle 12, Peregrine Falcon
      1; Virginia Rail 1; Sora 1; American Avocet 1; Bonaparte's Gull 2; Herring
      6; Great Horned Owl 45; Burrowing Owl 1; Williamson's Sapsucker 4; Red-naped
      Sapsucker 5; Red-breasted Sapsucker 14 (for comparison); Common Raven 1230;
      Cactus Wren 1; Marsh Wren 1; Sage Thrasher 1; Orange-crowned Warbler 3; PALM
      WARBLER 1 (FIRST RECORD for the Kern River Valley); Common Yellowthroat 1;
      Chipping Sparrow 1; Great-tailed Grackle 1; Cassin's Finch 1; and Dark-eyed
      Junco 1489 (including 2 Gray-headed, 3 Pink-sided, and 2 Slate-colored).

      For a more complete accounting - please go to:

      Happy & Productive Birding.



      Bob Barnes, Outreach Director
      Audubon-California's Kern River Preserve
      P.O. Box 953, Weldon, CA 93283
      FedEx/UPS: 18747 Hwy. 178, Weldon, CA 93283
      E-mail: krpfriends@...
      Phone: (760) 378-3044
      Web Sites:
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