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New URL for Kern River Preserve website

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  • KRPFriends
    Dear Fellow Webmasters, NOTICE: Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Kern River Preserve site has a new URL. OLD: http://frontpage.lightspeed.net/KRP
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2001
      Dear Fellow Webmasters,


      Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Kern River Preserve site has a
      new URL.

      OLD: http://frontpage.lightspeed.net/KRP

      NEW: http://www.kernriverpreserve.org

      Please update your links pages and anywhere else this link may be within
      your website or organization.

      Thank you.

      Alison Sheehey - KRP Webmaster

      P.S. A weblinks search led me to your address, please forward to appropriate
      person if you are no longer the webmaster. Some of you may also have links
      to other sites, many of my sites have changed URL's to reflect movement off
      of personal servers, if you have time to update these as well life would be
      much easier. Thanks.

      Bakersfield, CA 93308
      661-399-0269 (h)

      email: asheehey@...

      NATURE ALI - President and CEO
      http://natur-ali.com (formerly frontpage.lightspeed.net/alison1/asc.htm)
      Sharing the magical biodiversity of Kern County, California with the world.
      Information on wildlife and the natural
      history of Kern County.
      KERN AUDUBON SOCIETY - President and Webmaster
      http://www.kernaudubon.org (formerly
      A chapter of National Audubon Society working to conserve air, water,
      wildlife, and open space in the southern San Joaquin
      Valley of California.
      KERN RIVER PRESERVE - Webmaster and trail guides author
      A globally important bird area, home to 200 nesting species of birds and the
      largest remaining contiguous riparian
      forest in California.
      NATURE ALI MYOTHERAPY - Owner and myotherapist (formerly
      the only true trigger point myotherapy in Bakersfield. Healing chronic
      muscle pain and dysfunction.
      PARROT PROJECT OF BAKERSFIELD - primary researcher
      http://parrotproject.org/roserings.htm (formerly
      Researching the phenomenon of naturalized psittacids and other vertebrates
      in Kern County California.
      CALIFORNIA PARROT PROJECT - webmaster and Board member
      In affiliation with the Audubon Societies of Kern and Pasadena, The Los
      Angeles Museum of Natural History.
      KERN NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE - webmaster and volunteer
      http://natur-ali.com/KNWR.htm (formerly
      home to a remnant natural section of the largest freshwater marsh and lake
      system west of the Mississippi River.
      VALLEY PAIN & WELLNESS MEDICAL CENTER - webmaster and myotherapist
      helps through a combination of chiropractic and traditional medicine.
      Activator method, trigger point injections, chelation, and sports physicals.

      Bob Barnes, Audubon-California
      Friends of the Kern River Preserve
      P.O. Box 833, Weldon, CA 93283
      FedEx/UPS: 18747 Hwy. 178, Weldon, CA 93283
      Email: krpfriends@...
      Phone: (760) 378-3044
      FAX: (760) 378-4013
      Web Site: http://frontpage.lightspeed.net/KRP
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