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Re: Westernmost Ladder-backed Woodpecker Sightings

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  • JC
    I meant to attach the eBird map link in my previous post. It is here:
    Message 1 of 2 , May 25, 2013
      I meant to attach the eBird map link in my previous post. It is here:


      Jamie Chavez
      Santa Maria, CA

      --- In kerncobirding@yahoogroups.com, Jamie Chavez <almiyi@...> wrote:
      > Hi Kern birders,
      > I was corresponding with a birder about a purported Ladder-backed
      > Woodpecker from the Santa Barbara area and informed the observer that
      > Nuttall's is the woodpecker he saw and added that the closest Ladder-backed
      > sightings would be in Kern or Los Angeles counties. I added that the most
      > likely spot a Ladder-backed might approach SBA county would be in the
      > eastern portion in the more arid canyons bordering SBA, SLO, VEN and KER.
      > To my knowledge there is no record in VEN county.
      > By looking at eBird maps for these areas you can surmise my theory that a
      > Ladder-backed might appear in this four-corners area by a few markers for
      > this species near the spot I mention. However, this prompted me to question
      > the validity of a few of these since there are no specific comments in the
      > checklists and I would think a Ladder-backed Woodpecker "straying" this far
      > west might be worthy of better documentation. A couple of others along I-5
      > near Fort Tejon seem more likely moving up from the valley east of the
      > mountains. Not knowing the details about these westernmost entries what can
      > you tell me about the likelihood of Ladder-backed Woodpecker approaching
      > the Maricopa/Bitter Creek area of Kern county? Any chance these are valid?
      > What is the documented westernmost sighting for this species?
      > --
      > Jamie Chavez
      > Santa Maria, CA
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