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Afternoon Butterbredt (5/21/13)

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  • Jimmy McMorran
    Hi Birders, I visited Butterbredt from approximately 1345-1550 on (5/21). Highlights were: Tennessee Warbler and 2 American Redstarts. Below is the eBird
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      Hi Birders,

      I visited Butterbredt from approximately 1345-1550 on (5/21). Highlights
      were: Tennessee Warbler and 2 American Redstarts. Below is the eBird
      Checklist of all species observed. I was unable to photo the Tennessee,
      but a photo of the two American Redstarts are at the link below. Although
      they look similar, they were chasing each other and is the only reason I
      knew there were actually two in the field.

      Good Birding,
      Jimmy McMorran
      Cardiff, CA


      Butterbredt Springs, Kern, US-CA
      May 21, 2013 1:45 PM - 3:50 PM
      Protocol: Traveling
      0.5 mile(s)
      29 species (+1 other taxa)

      California Quail 12
      Red-tailed Hawk 1
      Ladder-backed Woodpecker 2
      Olive-sided Flycatcher 1
      Western Wood-Pewee 4
      Willow Flycatcher 1
      Hammond's Flycatcher 1
      Pacific-slope Flycatcher 3
      Pacific-slope/Cordilleran Flycatcher (Western Flycatcher) 5
      Ash-throated Flycatcher 1
      Common Raven 2
      Northern Rough-winged Swallow 1
      Bewick's Wren 2
      Swainson's Thrush 30
      Cedar Waxwing 2
      Tennessee Warbler 1 Adult Male: Multiple brief looks allowed me to
      confidently ID this bird. No photos were obtained. The bright green
      mantle contrasting with greenish-gray filght feathers initially alerted me
      that this may be something different. Further looks showed a head with a
      gray crown with a warbler bill and very contrasting supercilium with the
      grayish/white underparts. Further views showed this bird to have
      whitish/gray under parts exclusivley. The bird was silent and seen multiple
      times, however each time briefly within the willows. I have seen many
      birds of this species in variable plumages. It was not a Warbling Vireo
      due to many reasons including overall structure, and it was a warbler, not
      a vireo. I couldn't confuse it with a Orange-crowned Warbler at this time
      of year, which would have been a treat to see this day. I could not
      relocate this bird after my sighting. It was a beautiful, classic adult
      Tennessee. I don't know if it flew, or was just elusive. Please contact
      me with any other questions.
      MacGillivray's Warbler 4
      American Redstart 2
      Yellow Warbler 3
      Wilson's Warbler 8
      Green-tailed Towhee 2
      California Towhee 2
      Sage Sparrow 2
      White-crowned Sparrow (Mountain) 1 One individual: I imagine
      "oriantha". Very skulky and allowed no photos, and barely any satifactory
      views. I concentrated on the supraloral area, and it clearly showed a
      dark, thick pattern to the bill
      Western Tanager 3
      Black-headed Grosbeak 1
      Lazuli Bunting 1
      House Finch 8
      Lesser Goldfinch 1
      Lawrence's Goldfinch 2
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