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Kern Birdiest: Update #4

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  • Bob Barnes
    Hi, Woohoo! Thank you for your efforts during the Kern Birdiest count! Just a bit following. More tomorrow after a planned early to bed, early to rise in a
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2013
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      Thank you for your efforts during the Kern Birdiest count!

      Just a bit following. More tomorrow after a planned "early to bed,
      early to rise" in a couple of hours.

      Please check the participant list below to see if your name is
      spelled correctly or to see if your name is left off the list if you
      spent ANY TIME birding in Kern during the Birdiest count period
      listed just below. You were a participant regardless of whether or
      not you added any new species during the count. The count was a team
      effort, not an "I saw X first!" birding event.

      Bob Barnes

      72 Hour Kern Birdiest Count, 3:30pm, Thursday, May 2, 2013 through to
      3:30pm, Sunday, May 5, 2013.

      NEW SPECIES OBSERVED/REPORTED since Update #3: White-winged Dove
      (returned to Encar's and my yard this morning for the third
      consecutive year), Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (Bakersfield and
      Ridgecrest's Cerro Coso Community College), Ovenbird (Cerro Coso
      Community College), Grace's Warbler (Cerro Coso Community College),
      Clay-colored Sparrow (Butterbredt Spring), Swamp Sparrow (Butterbredt
      Spring), plus continuing Black-and-white Warbler (Cerro Coso
      Community College), great owling on Breckenridge Mountain last night
      (N Pygmy-Owls, 2 Spotted Owls together putting on a show, and N
      Saw-whet Owls at virtually every of numerous stops), a burn area in
      the Piute Mtns which yielded 8-10 Black-chinned Sparrows (Saddle
      Springs Road), 6 California Condors in Bear Valley Springs gated
      community outside Tehachapi, plus the southernmost known Sooty Grouse
      in its known range in the Greenhorn Mountains - many miles south of
      Sunday Peak, the prior southernmost location! A more comprehensive
      summary of highlights tomorrow morning after a very early morning
      fresh start based on eight hours sleep! A species total, too, which
      may be near or equal to the current record o 246 species. Who knows?
      If I miscounted, maybe a new record was set. Transfer to an Excel
      file will yield an accurate total.

      KEY MISSES (unless observations are still yet to be rpeorted): Lesser
      Scaup (seems like a big miss), Common Merganser (sometimes lingers at
      Isabella Reservoir - this year NOT), American Bittern (numerous
      visits to Kern NWR by numerous excellent birders over three days
      turned up none), Flammulated Owl (despite unprecedented access - all
      forest roads open - and a concerted effort in the Greenhorn Mountains
      Friday/Saturday night and on Breckenridge Mountain Saturday/Sunday
      night, none were detected), Williamson's Sapsucker (not much time if
      any spent where they might occur), Brown-crested Flycatcher (nesting
      are checked twice - not in yet?), Vesper Sparrow (come across or not,
      this year - NOT),...

      Known Participant Names to Date: Linda Anderson, Margaret Anderson,
      Bob Barnes, Gordon Black, David Blue, Lance Borgstrom, Shelley
      Borgstrom, Nick Brooks, Lloyd Brubaker, Sherry Brubaker, Encar Card,
      Dave Clendenen, John Eigenhauer, Madi Elsea, Dane Fagundes, Gary
      File, Ernie Flores, Wes Fritz, Terri Gallion, Dave Gaylor, Gail
      Gewain, Noel Gravelle, Alene Gravelle, Angela Guy, Murrelet
      Halterman, Rob Hansen, Cheryl Hargraves, Rob Hargraves, Louise
      Knecht, Kim Kuska, Debby Kroeger, Brenda Kyle, Ken Kyle, Rod Lee,
      Kelli Heindel Levinson, John Lobel, John Lockhart, Jim Lomax, Tim
      Ludwick, Judy Matsuoka, Bill Moffat, Jean Moore, Jim Moore, Pat
      Moore, Julie Rowe, Sean Rowe, John Schmitt, Deb See, Joyce Seibold,
      Alison Sheehey, Christine Sparks, Richard Sparks, Bob Steele, Susan
      Steele, Lee Sutton, Shirley Sutton, Mary Whitfield, John Wilson,
      Marcia Wolfe,...

      Happy & Productive Birding,


      Bob Barnes, Ridgecrest, Kern County, California

      Cell: 760-382-1260

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