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253 Participants! 2012 Kern Co. eBird Year In Review

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  • Bob Barnes
    2013 Kern Co. eBird Year In Review CONTENTS: ***California eBird Web Site: http://ebird.org/content/ebird/ca ***Monthly and
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      2013 Kern Co. eBird Year In Review

      ***California eBird Web Site:
      ***Monthly and Annual Species Total for each month and year for 2011 and 2012
      ***Discussion via Bullet Points
      ***Listing of a record 253+ which/who have lists entered in eBird for
      2012 for Kern County

      ***California eBird Web Site
      for all kinds of data characterizations and how to join in if you
      care to do so. Except for the value of time and effort involved, it
      is all available free of monetary charge; allowing access to: review
      of data submitted from all over the world, rare bird alerts, feature
      articles, personal lists from life lists to specific area lists, and
      a venue for contributing to a data-base of world-wide submissions in
      a "Think Globally, Act Locally" manner.

      ***Species reported for each month for 2011 and 2012; year total for
      2011 and 2012; and All Time totals for each month and year for all
      years combined back to earliest entry from the 1960s:
      2011: J-196, F-192, M-204, A-243, M-256, J-223, J-197, A-201,
      S-236, O-239, N-195, D-202, Y-338
      2012: J-186, F-182, M-214, A-243 M-259, J-238, J-212, A-212,
      S-229, O-227, N-186, D-183, Y-327
      All Time: J-228, F-223 M-254, A-299, M-336, J-311, J-263, A-260,
      S-320, O-318, N-263, D-248, Y-415

      ***Discussion via Bullet Points:
      * 327 species were listed on eBird for Kern County in 2012.
      * New total species high counts were set for FIVE months out of
      twelve: March (214 species), May (259), June (238), July (212), and
      August (212). The April high count was tied (243).
      * One hundred ninety-two species plus have now been reported in
      each calendar month at least once with two hundred two species plus
      having now been reported in nine calendar months at least once.
      * 300+ species have been reported for four months: May 336,
      September 320, October 318, and June 311. April is knocking on 300's
      door with 299 species reported. March (254) and November (263) went
      past the 250 mark.
      * SEVEN specific locations now have data entered into the eBird
      database for every week of the year with SEVEN other locations
      needing ONE visit in 2013 to have data entered at least once for
      every week of the year and NUMEROUS other locations needing ten
      visits or less.
      * Bob Barnes, David Blue, Sean Rowe, and Susan Steele worked to
      export/import over 100,000 historical records for the Indian Wells
      Valley (China Lake NAWS, Inyokern area, Ridgecrest area, and southern
      Sierra desert canyon watersheds above the IWV) into the eBird database.
      * Sean Rowe exported/imported 1994-1999 Kern Valley Vulture Watch
      data sets into the eBird database. Over time, he has also been
      entering species and numbers of individuals detected incidentally on
      Watch days from the hand recorded data on the original data sheets
      which have such data on them.
      Kern County data sets for bar chart and other eBird status &
      distribution characterizations were greatly increased in 2013 by the
      participation of a record of at least 253 birders by/for whom data
      was entered. Thank you to us all!

      ***List of at least 253 who have lists in the eBird database for 2013
      for Kern County: James Abernathy, Ben Abramovitz, Patrick Addy,
      Jonathan Aguayo, Jody Allair, Elizabeth Ames, Anous Birding
      Syndicate, Alison Antony, Anil Antony, Yousif Attia, Bob Barnes, Evan
      Barrientos, Hope Batcheller, Madeline Bauer, Tommy Becker, David
      Bell, Monique Bellanger, Tom Benson, Chuck Berthoud, Lynn
      Bieber-Weir, Gordon Black, David Blue, Justin Bosler, James Boyce,
      Matt Brady, John Brett, Marvin Brimer, Ralph Bucher, Alex Burdo, Ken
      Burton, Encar Card, Nicolas Cary, Bill Clark, Benjamin Clock, Tori
      Collender, Alison Collins, Lori Conrad, Mark Conrad, Colin Crilley,
      Bill Cullen, Ron Cyger, Hans de Grys, Mark Dettling, Bruce Deuel, Joe
      Devine, Bill Doyle, Tracy Drake, Scott Duncan, Kathy Mihm Dunning,
      Linda Easter, Tom Edell, Sara Edens, John Eigenauer, Elias Elias,
      Dane Fagundes, Jon Feenstra, Jim Ferris, Stephen Fettig, Judy Ferris,
      Christian Friis, Craig Fiehler, Jon Fisher, John Fitch, Ernest
      Flores, Patricia Garland, John Garrett, Kimball Garrett, Sid
      Gauthreaux, Scott Gerstl, Matin Gilbert, David Goodward, Wendy
      Gordon, Laurie Graham, Jesse Grantham, Ruth Gravance, Carolyn Greene,
      Cory Gregory, Al Guarente, Bryan Guarente, Dan Guthrie, Jim Hardesty,
      Jeff Harding, Lee Harding, Jeffrey Harris, Ben Harste, Lauren Harter,
      Ray Hasey, Denise Herzberg, Simone Heymann, Thomas Hinnebusch, Greg
      Homel, Wayne Hooper, Patricia Hoppe, Steve Hosmer, Andrew Howe,
      Barbara Hughbanks, Mark Hunter, Robert Jackson, Benny
      Jacobs-Schwartz, Alvaro Jaramillo, Shawn Jarvinen, Andy Johnson, Tom
      Johnson, Lee Jones, John Kelly, Kathleen Kent, Dan Kopp, Jay Keller,
      Steve Kelling, John Kelly, Don Kirker, Jonas Knape, Helen
      Kochenderfer, Mark Kudrav, Tony Kurz, Kathy Kuyper, Keith Kwan,
      Arthur Langton, Linda LeRoy, Kelli Levinson, John Lobel, Scott Logan,
      Tim Ludwick, Stuart Mackenzie, Aaron Maizlish, Tom Maloney, Curtis
      Marantz, Don Marsh, Dan Maxwell, John McCormack, Chris McCreedy, Todd
      McGrath, Tristan McKee, JoAnne McKenzie, Jimmy McMorran, Robert
      McMorran, Jerry Medearis, Terri Middlemiss, Jeff Miller, Jeannie
      Mitchell, Christoph Moning, Jim Moore, Cyrus Moqtaderi, Steve Morris,
      Brennan Mulrooney, Richard Norton, Darrin O'Brien, Kris Ohlenkamp,
      Frances Oliver, John Oliver, Nancy Overholtz, Ron Overholtz, Keith
      Quinlivan, Matthew Page, George Pagos, Terry Pagos, Ed Pandolfino,
      James Parham, Jim Parker, David Pereksta, Morgan Peters, George
      Phelps, Scot Pipkin, Linda Pittman, Phoebe Prather, Ryan Price, David
      Quadhamer, Daniel Raleigh, Peter Ralph, Kay Regester, Barbara Rehrig,
      Rich Rehrig, E.J. Remson, Jacob Rhea, Alex Rinkert, William Rocky,
      John Rodgers, Julie Rowe Sean Rowe, Rex Rundquist, Matthew Sabatine,
      Denby Sadler, Ivan Samuels, Mike San Miguel, Mike Sanders, Eric
      Schaad, Janet Scheel, Mark Scheel, Larry Schmahl, Ken Schneider,
      Timothy Schreckengost, Barbara Schwarz, Christian Schwarz, Adam
      Searcy, Danny Sedivec, Brian Self, SFVAS Hi Desert Birdathon, Alison
      Sheehey, Patti Shoupe, Patricia Shoupe, Christopher Siddle, Dessi
      Sieburth, Brad Singer, Maggie Smith, Ron Smith, Southern Sierra
      Research Station, Southwest Bird Study Club, BJ Stacey, Michaeleen
      Stacey, Justin Stahl, Jerre Stallcup, Bob Steele, Susan Steele, John
      Sterling, Nancy Strang, Brian Sullivan, Steve Summers, Jesse Swift,
      Craig Swolgaard, Christopher Taylor, Linda Terrill, Scott Terrill,
      Jim Tietz, Daniel Tinico, Michelle Townsley, Stephanie Travanti,
      Monte Tudor-Long, Becky Turley, Steve Turley, David Vander Pluym,
      Chris Verma, Alexander Viduetsky, Nate Weber, Jackie Weller, Mary
      Whitfield, Jennifer Wilcox, Darrel Wilder, Andrew Williams, Angus
      Wilson, Darrell Wilson, Ryan Winkleman, Grace Wong, Ross Wood, Gary
      Woods, Jay Wright, Tom Wurster, John Yerger, Gena Zolotar, Karen
      Zumwalt, plus two Anonymous Observers and two Unknown Observers,...

      Serving as the messenger,

      Bob Barnes, Ridgecrest, Kern County, California
      24/7 Cellular Phone Number: 760-382-1260

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