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Thu-Sun, 3 -6 May 12 Kern Birdiest County Effort

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  • Bob Barnes
    Kern County Big Birding Weekend - America s 2012 Birdiest Inland County 72 hour bird species count, 3:30pm, this coming Thursday, May 3 through this coming
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      Kern County Big Birding Weekend - America's 2012 Birdiest Inland
      County 72 hour bird species count, 3:30pm, this coming Thursday, May
      3 through this coming 3:30pm, Sunday, May 6, 2012.

      All bird species observed by anyone during any of the 72 consecutive
      hours may be contributed to the overall list ... as long as the
      detections are made in Kern County.

      If you are able to bird anywhere in Kern County during ANY of the 72
      hour starting at 3:30pm this coming Thursday and ending 3:30pm this
      coming Sunday, please submit your Kern County bird sightings lists
      during the count period and/or ASAP after May 6, 2012.via e-mail to:
      bbarnes@.... When/if you know where you plan to cover (and
      when if possible), please let me know so gaps in coverage can be
      addressed. Thank you.

      EMAIL UPDATES of totals to the moment will be given as often as
      convenient/possible throughout the 72 hour period listed above and
      through to posting of final results. This will assist any of you who
      wish to respond to by filling in missing species gaps by knowing what
      has been reported and what has not. You are also encouraged to post
      to eBird and kerncobirding with any additions to the ongoing master
      list. Doing so will help eBird and kerncobirding participants better
      focus their birding efforts should they choose to do so.

      Areas meriting coverage (hopefully repeatedly for major areas):
      * Annette Rd & Bitterwater Valley Rd along San Luis Obispo County
      line (Grasshopper Sparrow)
      * Antelope Valley portion of Kern Co. (e.g.: Edwards
      AFB-restricted access, Rosamond)
      * Bakersfield (e.g.: Bakersfield Sewer Ponds, Beale Park-Spotted
      Dove, Heritage Park, Kern River County Park-Hart Park/Lake Ming, Kern
      River Parkway, Kern Sanitation Authority, Panorama Vista Preserve,
      Riverside Park)
      * Breckenridge Mountain (owls)
      * Buena Vista Lake/Tule Elk Reserve (Burrowing Owl)
      * Butterbredt Spring
      * California City Central Park
      * Cantil (Koehn Lake-if water still present, Munsey Rd-Short-eared Owl)
      * China Lake (restricted)/Ridgecrest (e.g.: Cerro Coso Community
      College, Ridgecrest Watchable Wildlife Park)
      * Desert Oases (e.g.: Frog Spring, Kelso Creek Sanctuary, Rocky
      Point, Tunnel Spring)
      * East Side Sierra Canyons
      * Frazier Park/Los Padres National Forest/Mill Potrero Rd/Mt. Pinos
      * Galileo Hill
      * Greenhorn Mountains (montane species, owls)
      * Hwy 58/base of foothills/Arvin/Hwy 184 quadrangle (Arvin ponds,
      Common Ground-Dove)
      * Inyokern (Le Conte's Thrasher)
      * Isabella Reservoir
      * Kelso Valley
      * Kern Co. portion of CA Hwy. 41 between Kings Co. and San Luis
      Obispo Co. (YB Magpie)
      * Kern National Wildlife Refuge (waterfowl, Swainson's Hawk,
      Common Gallinule, gulls & terns)
      * Kern River County Park (Hart Park, Kern River Group Picnic
      Area, Lake Ming)
      * Kern River Valley (e.g.: Tillie Creek Campground)
      * Kern Water Bank-restricted access (especially if water is still present)
      * Little Santa Maria Valley (grassland birds)
      * Piute Mountains (Jawbone Canyon Rd., Piute Mtn Rd., Saddle
      Springs Rd-Black-chinned Sparrow)
      * South Fork Kern River Valley (e.g.: Canebrake Ecological
      Reserve, Chimney Peak Byway, Kern River Preserve-Fay Ranch
      Rd/Headquarters/Migrant Corner Trail/Sierra Way, South Fork Wildlife Area)
      * Tehachapi/Bear Valley Springs (e.g.: Purple Martin)
      * Tejon Ranch (e.g.: California Condor, Purple Martin)
      * Wetland areas throughout Kern Co. (including sewer ponds)
      * Wind Wolves Preserve (e.g.: California Condor, Common
      Ground-Dove, Least Bell's Vireo)
      Please check over the base list sent out the week after May 6 and
      submit any Kern Co. bird sightings made May 4-6 which are missing
      from that base list. Thank you.

      Happy & Productive Birding,

      Bob Barnes
      Kern River Valley Birding
      1009 Las Cruces Ave
      Ridgecrest, California 93555
      P: 760-382-1260
      E: bbarnes@...

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