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Re: Galileo This Weekend, Galileo Access, Rule Breaking (AGAIN!)

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  • Bob Barnes
    Tom, et. al.: ... There were birders at Galileo this weekend. Nothing out of the ordinary except for a report of two VARIED THRUSHES. No true vagrants.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2011
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      Tom, et. al.:

      At 11:35 PM 5/30/2011, Tom Miko wrote:
      >Were there no migrants at Galileo/California City this 3 day
      >weekend, or no birders?

      There were birders at Galileo this weekend. Nothing out of the
      ordinary except for a report of two VARIED THRUSHES. No true vagrants.

      HOWEVER!!!!!!!!!!! The rules were broken in several ways and Silver
      Saddle staff made me aware of these breaking of the rules. More nails
      in the coffin toward the final death of birding at Galileo.

      Here they are...

      Only 8 birders out of a total of 30+ signed-in Monday as required
      during ANY visit, ANY day!

      No large groups are allowed at Galileo/Silver Saddle on weekends.
      Yesterday, Monday, a holiday, was part of a long, three-day weekend.
      Yet, according to Silver Saddle staff, a large, evidently formal
      group of 10-20 birders was walking the grounds together or in
      association) on the Monday holiday yesterday (against the rules).
      According to staff, as far as they know, NONE of those birders signed-in!

      Many of the birder signatures on Monday's release forms were
      illegible. So, even if one of those birders were to have broken even
      more rules, they could not be tracked down and dealt with
      individually, all but surely impacting all birders negatively.

      If anyone out there knows more about these 10-20 birders in a large
      group and is willing to shed light on why they were on the Silver
      Saddle grounds without permission and why they did not sign in,
      PLEASE let me know off-list.

      It seems like it is just a matter of time before rule breaking due to
      lack of awareness or conscious acts on the part of any of us leads to
      Galileo being closed to all birders and birding. Silver Saddle staff
      shared that seems like it could be the case.

      And, ultimately, except for taking responsibility for my own actions,
      there is not a thing I can do about it except share words such as
      those written above and below.

      What is it about some of us birders out there?!!!? If even just one
      of us birders goes to Galileo/Silver Saddle without a high level of
      awareness, without thinking of Silver Saddle wishes first, without
      working actively to NOT stretch or bend the rules in any way, without
      interfering with members and staff in any way; then the future will
      be very bleak for ALL OF US.

      Frustrating and unbelievably angering (and I usually do not anger easily!),


      Bob Barnes, Ridgecrest, Kern Co., CA

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