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DRAFT Final Results: Kern America's Birdiest Inland County Submission

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  • Bob Barnes
    Hi, PLEASE review the following for: * To see if your name is on the participant list and spelled correctly/as you want it listed if you participated * To see
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      PLEASE review the following for:
      * To see if your name is on the participant list and spelled
      correctly/as you want it listed if you participated
      * To see if there are people whom you know participated whose
      names have been left of the list of participants
      * To see if there are people on the list whom you know did NOT participate
      * To see if you have any species to add to the list (see MISSING
      species list and DRAFT OFFICIAL LIST)
      * To note any other edits which need to be made
      PARTICIPANT DEFINITION - anyone who birded anywhere in Kern County
      for any length of time between 5pm this past Thursday and 5pm
      yesterday (Sunday) ... planned birding in the field, at home, walking
      the dog, traveling through, etc., etc., etc. The assumption is that
      even if you did not observe any species to add to any list you
      reviewed, you could have added a species (e.g.: A person might have
      mentally noted birds while counting butterflies for two days. A
      person might have observed a male Rufous Hummingbird at their
      hummingbird feeder. A person might have observed Spotted Doves at
      their house. A person might have observed Cedar Waxwings in their
      backyard while cooking steaks on the grill for dinner guests. FYI:
      All of the preceding did take place as described! :)

      5pm, Thursday, April 28, 2011-5pm, May 1, 2011
      Kern County America's Birdiest Inland County Submission

      UP FRONT: The 2012 Kern America's Birdiest Inland County count period
      is set for a Thursday afternoon, May 3, 2012 start and a Sunday
      afternoon, May 6, 2012 end.

      Thanks to all of us who birded Kern County during the ABIC count
      period. A record 249 species were reported (The Willet and Vermilion
      Flycatcher reported earlier were not detected during the count period
      after all!). The prior high counts were 246 species in 2006 and 2009.
      The 2006-2010 average was 242 species.

      PARTICIPANTS: Linda Anderson, Liga Auzins, Bob Barnes, Gordon Black,
      David Blue, Lance Borgstrom, Shelley Borgstrom, Sherry Brubaker,
      Lloyd Brubaker, Blaine Burnett, Dan Burnett, Dave Clendenon, Barbara
      Coley, Roger Coley, Phil Cowan, Tom Edell, Madi Elsea, Marty Evanson,
      Dane Fagundes, Gary File, Ernie Flores, Mary Freeman, Nick Freeman,
      Bruce Garlinger, Frank Gibson, Dave Goodward, Stan Gray, Angela Guy,
      Bruce Hailstone, Sherrel Hailstone, Rob Hansen, Fred Heath, Mike
      Holland, Mary Klinkel, Louise Knecht, Debby Kroeger, Brenda Kyle, Ken
      Kyle, Denise LaBerteaux, Rod Lee, Kelli Levinson, John Lockhart, Tim
      Ludwick, Lynn McDonald, Michael McQuerrey, Mary Merriman, Terri
      Middlemiss, Bill Moffat, Jean Moore, Carla Muller, Bob Parker, Phoebe
      Prather, Nancy Robinson, Rob Robinson, Julie Rowe, Sean Rowe, John
      Schmitt, Joyce Seibold, Alison Sheehey, Maggie Smith, Christine
      Sparks, Richard Sparks, Mark Stacy, Bob Steele, Susan Steele, Penny
      Stewart, Dorothy Stone, Russell Stone, Steve Summers, Lee Sutton,
      Shirley Sutton, Monte Taylor, Gary Turk, Miles Villa, Barb Walls,
      Wendy Walwyn, Mike White, Mary Whitfield, John Wilson, Tom Wurster -
      80 participants listed to date.

      Among MISSED species: Common Goldeneye (late), Common Merganser,
      Sooty Grouse (snowbound), loons (Pacific, Common), White-tailed Kite,
      Bald Eagle (late), Willet, Herring Gull (late), Williamson's
      Sapsucker (snowbound), Vermilion Flycatcher, Brown-crested Flycatcher
      ("whit" call heard from known breeding area but not further verified
      via other calls/songs or visual observation), Plumbeous Vireo (rare),
      American Dipper, Sage Thrasher (late), vagrant warblers, Grasshopper

      DRAFT OFFICIAL LIST of Reported Species (plus California Condor,
      Rose-ringed Parakeet):
      * Greater White-fronted Goose (lingering in Tehachapi)
      * Snow Goose (lingering in Ridgecrest area where a few thousand winter)
      * Ross's Goose (two now resident individuals at California City
      Central Park)
      * Cackling Goose (lingering individual continuing in with
      American Coot flock at California City Central Park; lingering
      individual continuing at Lake Woolomes southeast of Delano)
      * Canada Goose
      * Tundra Swan (continuing resident individual adult joined this
      winter by a juvenile continuing to lingering/resident status)
      * Wood Duck - (Hart Park, Kern River Preserve)
      * Gadwall
      * American Wigeon
      * Mallard
      * Blue-winged Teal (male in California City)
      * Cinnamon Teal
      * Northern Shoveler
      * Northern Pintail
      * Green-winged Teal
      * Canvasback (late - 4 individuals west of Bakersfield in water
      recharge ponds between CA Hwy 43 and I-5)
      * Redhead
      * Ring-necked Duck
      * Lesser Scaup (Inyokern sewer ponds; Tulare Lake Drainage
      District ponds-no pubic access-biological consultant access only)
      * Bufflehead (Tehachapi, China Lake)
      * Red-breasted Merganser (SEVEN individuals on non publicly
      accessible/high security area of China Lake NAWS)
      * Ruddy Duck
      * Mountain Quail
      * California Quail
      * Chukar
      * Ring-necked Pheasant
      * Wild Turkey
      * Pied-billed Grebe
      * Eared Grebe
      * Western Grebe
      * Clark's Grebe
      * Double-crested Cormorant
      * American White Pelican
      * American Bittern (Kern National Wildlife Refuge - the only
      reliable, publicly accessible area in Kern Co.)
      * Great Blue Heron
      * Great Egret
      * Snowy Egret
      * Cattle Egret
      * Green Heron (thankfully found at several locations)
      * Black-crowned Night-Heron
      * White-faced Ibis
      * Turkey Vulture
      * California Condor (Tejon Ranch - requested and reported even
      though not countable for ABIC purposes)
      * Osprey (Isabella Reservoir and Kern River Preserve point counts)
      * Northern Harrier
      * Sharp-shinned Hawk (late-several reports)
      * Cooper's Hawk
      * Northern Goshawk
      * Red-shouldered Hawk
      * Swainson's Hawk
      * Red-tailed Hawk
      * Golden Eagle
      * American Kestrel
      * Merlin (late - three reports of lingering individuals! Galileo
      Hill, Hart Park-Bakersfield-lingering individual present all winter?,
      and Kelso Valley Road)
      * Peregrine Falcon
      * Prairie Falcon
      * Virginia Rail
      * Sora
      * Common Moorhen
      * American Coot
      * Black-bellied Plover
      * Snowy Plover
      * Semipalmated Plover
      * Killdeer
      * Black-necked Stilt
      * American Avocet
      * Spotted Sandpiper
      * Solitary Sandpiper
      * Greater Yellowlegs
      * Lesser Yellowlegs
      * Whimbrel
      * Long-billed Curlew
      * Marbled Godwit
      * Ruddy Turnstone (Tulare Lake Drainage District Ponds-biological
      consultant access only-photo documented)
      * Sanderling (SEVEN! Tulare Lake Drainage District
      Ponds-biological consultant access only-photo documented)
      * Semipalmated Sandpiper (Koehn "Dry" Lake-photo documented)
      * Western Sandpiper
      * Least Sandpiper
      * Baird's Sandpiper (rare in spring-Bakersfield sewer ponds)
      * Dunlin
      * Stilt Sandpiper (non publicly accessible/high security area of
      Edwards AFB - photo documented)
      * Short-billed Dowitcher ((late - 4 individuals west of
      Bakersfield in water recharge ponds between CA Hwy 43 and I-5 and at
      Koehn "Dry" Lake)
      * Long-billed Dowitcher
      * Wilson's Snipe
      * Wilson's Phalarope
      * Red-necked Phalarope
      * Bonaparte's Gull
      * Franklin's Gull (non publicly accessible/high security areas of
      China Lake NAWS and Edwards AFB)
      * Ring-billed Gull
      * California Gull
      * Caspian Tern
      * Black Tern
      * Forster's Tern
      * Rock Pigeon
      * Band-tailed Pigeon (Greenhorn Mountains; Wind Wolves Preserve)
      * Eurasian Collared-Dove
      * Spotted Dove (countable Bakersfield population)
      * Mourning Dove
      * Common Ground-Dove (in orange groves and vineyards south of CA
      Hwy 58 in Edison vicinity)
      * Rose-ringed Parakeet (Large Bakersfield population of an
      estimated 1000+ individuals - requested and reported even though not
      countable for ABIC purposes)
      * Greater Roadrunner
      * Barn Owl
      * Western Screech-Owl
      * Great Horned Owl
      * Northern Pygmy-Owl (Breckenridge Mtn, Greenhorn Mtns, Wind
      Wolves Preserve)
      * Burrowing Owl
      * Spotted Owl
      * Long-eared Owl
      * Short-eared Owl
      * Northern Saw-whet Owl
      * Lesser Nighthawk
      * Common Poorwill
      * Vaux's Swift
      * White-throated Swift
      * Black-chinned Hummingbird
      * Anna's Hummingbird
      * Costa's Hummingbird
      * Rufous Hummingbird (adult male coming to feeder in the Bear
      Valley Springs gated community and Greenhorn Mtns)
      * Calliope Hummingbird (feeding on flower patch in Greenhorn
      Mountains on Friday and Saturday)
      * Belted Kingfisher
      * Lewis's Woodpecker (Jawbone Canyon Rd. west of Kelso Valley on
      Saturday and along the Pacific Crest Trail no more than 2 miles north
      of Kelso Valley Rd crossing on Sunday)
      * Acorn Woodpecker
      * Red-breasted Sapsucker
      * Ladder-backed Woodpecker
      * Nuttall's Woodpecker
      * Downy Woodpecker
      * Hairy Woodpecker
      * White-headed Woodpecker
      * Northern Flicker
      * Pileated Woodpecker (Greenhorn Mtns on Saturday - southernmost
      limit of California range)
      * Olive-sided Flycatcher
      * Western Wood-Pewee
      * Willow Flycatcher
      * Hammond's Flycatcher
      * Gray Flycatcher
      * Dusky Flycatcher
      * Pacific-slope Flycatcher
      * Black Phoebe
      * Say's Phoebe
      * Ash-throated Flycatcher
      * Cassin's Kingbird (Bakersfield gated community - nesting)
      * Western Kingbird
      * Loggerhead Shrike
      * Bell's Vireo (Butterbredt Spring on Saturday)
      * Cassin's Vireo
      * Hutton's Vireo (alongside CA Hwy 155 on Greenhorn Mtns east
      slope above Wofford Heights)
      * Warbling Vireo
      * Seller's' Jay
      * Western Scrub-Jay
      * Pinyon Jay (Walker Pass and nearby east side Sierra Nevada canyon)
      * Yellow-billed Magpie (from along short, CA Hwy 41 Kern Co.
      stretch between Kings Co. and San Luis Obispo Co.)
      * Clark's Nutcracker (Piute Mountains)
      * American Crow
      * Common Raven
      * Horned Lark
      * Northern Rough-winged Swallow
      * Purple Martin (Bear Valley Springs gated community and Wind
      Wolves Preserve)
      * Tree Swallow
      * Violet-green Swallow
      * Bank Swallow
      * Barn Swallow
      * Cliff Swallow
      * Mountain Chickadee
      * Oak Titmouse
      * Verdin
      * Bushtit
      * Red-breasted Nuthatch
      * White-breasted Nuthatch
      * Pygmy Nuthatch (Tehachapi Mountains, Piute Mountains)
      * Brown Creeper
      * Cactus Wren
      * Rock Wren
      * Canyon Wren
      * Bewick's Wren
      * House Wren
      * Pacific Wren (continuing individual in Alta Sierra in the
      Greenhorn Mountains)
      * Marsh Wren
      * Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
      * Golden-crowned Kinglet
      * Ruby-crowned Kinglet
      * Western Bluebird
      * Mountain Bluebird (Kern National Wildlife Refuge - unexpected
      location - photo documented)
      * Townsend's Solitaire
      * Swainson's Thrush
      * Hermit Thrush
      * American Robin
      * Wrentit
      * Northern Mockingbird
      * California Thrasher
      * Le Conte's Thrasher
      * European Starling
      * American Pipit
      * Cedar Waxwing (Bakersfield and Weldon-Sierra Way)
      * Phainopepla
      * Orange-crowned Warbler
      * Nashville Warbler
      * Yellow Warbler
      * Yellow-rumped Warbler (Audubon's)
      * Black-throated Gray Warbler
      * Townsend's Warbler
      * Hermit Warbler (desert oases)
      * MacGillivray's Warbler
      * Common Yellowthroat
      * Wilson's Warbler
      * Yellow-breasted Chat (desert oases)
      * Green-tailed Towhee (desert oases, Indian Wells Canyon)
      * Spotted Towhee
      * Rufous-crowned Sparrow (Wofford Heights)
      * California Towhee
      * Chipping Sparrow
      * Brewer's Sparrow
      * Black-chinned Sparrow (CA Hwy 178 mile marker 76.00 vicinity
      and Wind Wolves Preserve)
      * Vesper Sparrow (less than a mile up Chimney Peak Rd. from CA Hwy 178)
      * Lark Sparrow
      * Black-throated Sparrow
      * Sage Sparrow
      * Savannah Sparrow
      * Fox Sparrow
      * Song Sparrow
      * Lincoln's Sparrow
      * White-throated Sparrow (Indian Wells Valley private yard on Sunday)
      * White-crowned Sparrow
      * Golden-crowned Sparrow
      * Dark-eyed Junco
      * Summer Tanager (Kern River Preserve Saturday point counts)
      * Western Tanager
      * Black-headed Grosbeak
      * Blue Grosbeak
      * Lazuli Bunting
      * Indigo Bunting (adult male passing through Butterbredt Spring)
      * Red-winged Blackbird
      * Tricolored Blackbird
      * Western Meadowlark
      * Yellow-headed Blackbird
      * Brewer's Blackbird
      * Great-tailed Grackle
      * Brown-headed Cowbird
      * Hooded Oriole
      * Bullock's Oriole
      * Scott's Oriole
      * Purple Finch
      * Cassin's Finch
      * House Finch
      * Red Crossbill (Piute Mountains)
      * Pine Siskin
      * Lesser Goldfinch
      * Lawrence's Goldfinch
      * American Goldfinch
      * Evening Grosbeak (Piute Mountains in vicinity of Landers Meadow
      - multiple individuals Saturday and Sunday)
      * House Sparrow

      Thank again,

      Bob Barnes
      Kern River Valley Birding
      1009 Las Cruces Avenue
      Ridgecrest, California 93555
      P: 760-382-1260
      E: bbarnes@...

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