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31 Jan 10: Inyo Birders' Kern River Valley Field Trip

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  • Bob Barnes
    Hi, Susan Steele from Inyokern led a Su, 31 Jan 10 field trip to the Kern River Valley for a group of five birders from Inyo County ... Kathy Duvall, Claus
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2010

      Susan Steele from Inyokern led a Su, 31 Jan 10 field trip to the Kern
      River Valley for a group of five birders from Inyo County ... Kathy
      Duvall, Claus Englehardt, Connie Englehardt, Nancy Overholtz, Ron
      Overholtz. They were joined by Alison Sheehey from Weldon and Bob
      Barnes from Ridgecrest.

      Canebrake Ecological Reserve - Virginia Rail (heard only),
      Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (continuing adult male in gray pine at end
      of Public Access Trail ... scope views), Oak Titmouse, Rock Wren,
      Canyon Wren ("killer" scope views), Western Bluebird, Wrentit (heard
      only), Rufous-crowned Sparrow ("killer" scope views), Lark Sparrow,
      Golden-crowned Sparrow, Tricolored Blackbird,...

      Scodie Park - Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (continuing juvenile male),
      Red-breasted Sapsucker, American Robin,...

      Kelso Valley Road - Merlin, Loggerhead Shrike, Mountain Bluebird,
      Lark Sparrow....

      Slippery Rock Launch Site - Spotted Sandpiper, American Dipper,...

      Tillie Creek Campground - Band-tailed Pigeon, Acorn Woodpecker,
      Red-naped Sapsucker, Nuttall's Woodpecker, Oak Titmouse, California
      Thrasher, Phainopepla, Purple Finch,...

      Isabella Reservoir's North arm - American White Pelican, Osprey, Bald
      Eagle (adult), feeders attracting Pine Siskin/Lesser
      Goldfinch/American Goldfinch,...

      Isabella Reservoir Main Dam area as viewed from below Nuui Cunni
      Cultural Center at French Gulch - Common Merganser, Eared Grebe,
      Western Grebe, Clark's Grebe, American White Pelican, Merlin, ..

      Isabella Reservoir Auxiliary Dam area - Common Goldeneye

      Isabella Reservoir's Kissack Cove - Osprey, Peregrine Falcon,
      American White Pelican (67), Herring Gull

      en route - Bald Eagle (adult), Ferruginous Hawk, Prairie Falcon,...

      Day's List (NOTE: My written notes and memory may have missed some
      species; especially those observed by others during the day.):
      * Gadwall
      * American Wigeon
      * Mallard
      * Green-winged Teal
      * Common Goldeneye
      * Common Merganser
      * California Quail
      * Pied-billed Grebe
      * Eared Grebe
      * Western Grebe
      * Clark's Grebe
      * American White Pelican
      * Double-crested Cormorant
      * Great Blue Heron
      * Osprey
      * Bald Eagle
      * Red-shouldered Hawk
      * Red-tailed Hawk
      * Ferruginous Hawk
      * American Kestrel
      * Merlin
      * Peregrine Falcon
      * Prairie Falcon
      * Virginia Rail
      * American Coot
      * Killdeer
      * Spotted Sandpiper
      * Least Sandpiper
      * Ring-billed Gull
      * California Gull
      * Herring Gull
      * Band-tailed Pigeon
      * Mourning Dove
      * Anna's Hummingbird
      * Acorn Woodpecker
      * Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
      * Red-naped Sapsucker
      * Red-breasted Sapsucker
      * Ladder-backed Woodpecker (Alison Sheehey only)
      * Nuttall's Woodpecker
      * Downy Woodpecker
      * Hairy Woodpecker
      * Northern Flicker
      * Black Phoebe
      * Say's Phoebe
      * Loggerhead Shrike
      * Western Scrub-Jay
      * Common Raven
      * Horned Lark
      * Oak Titmouse
      * White-breasted Nuthatch
      * Cactus Wren
      * Rock Wren
      * Canyon Wren
      * Bewick's Wren
      * American Dipper
      * Ruby-crowned Kinglet
      * Western Bluebird
      * Mountain Bluebird
      * Hermit Thrush
      * American Robin
      * Wrentit
      * Northern Mockingbird
      * California Thrasher
      * European Starling
      * American Pipit
      * Phainopepla
      * Yellow-rumped Warbler
      * Spotted Towhee
      * California Towhee
      * Rufous-crowned Sparrow
      * Lark Sparrow
      * Savannah Sparrow
      * Song Sparrow
      * White-crowned Sparrow
      * Golden-crowned Sparrow
      * Dark-eyed Junco
      * Red-winged Blackbird
      * Tricolored Blackbird
      * Western Meadowlark
      * Brewer's Blackbird
      * Purple Finch
      * House Finch
      * Pine Siskin
      * Lesser Goldfinch
      * American Goldfinch
      * House Sparrow
      Bob Barnes, Ridgecrest, Kern County, California

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