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    FOS in my messages indicates First of Spring. Saturday, March 30th - FOS Brewer s Sparrow - A single singing individual in the desert scrub at the east end
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2002
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      FOS in my messages indicates "First of Spring."

      Saturday, March 30th - FOS Brewer's Sparrow - A single singing individual in
      the desert scrub at the east end of the Kern River Preserve's Migrant Corner
      Trail off Sierra Way at the bridge over the South Fork Kern River.

      Sunday, March 31st - FOS Townsend's Solitaire along the Migrant Corner Trail.
      There was a small concentrated movement of 17 American Robins and of 12
      Yellow-rumped Warblers at two respective specific points along the trail,
      Three Brewers' Sparrows were singing at Saturday's location.

      Monday, April 1st - Hundreds of sparrows were encountered in the Kelso Creek
      dry bed where it crosses Kelso Valley Road c. five miles south of Hwy. 178 in
      Weldon. The vast majority were White-crowned Sparrows, followed in
      numbers by Brewer's Sparrows, Black-throated Sparrows, Lark Sparrows, and
      Golden-crowned Sparrows. They were all singing vociferously. Among other
      species and numbers present were: 4 Greater Roadrunners, 22 Pinyon Jays, 6+
      Cactus Wrens, 2 Rock Wrens, and 2 Sage Thrashers. The introduced, non-native,
      but countable Chukars were present, too!

      NOTE: The elusive Bendire's Thrashers and Le Conte's Thrashers which have been
      found some previous nesting seasons within a 1/2 mile radius of this
      intersection were not found. A more thorough search of the area than that
      afforded by two hours would be necessary to try and determine if either
      is present at this location this year.

      Monday, April 1st - +/- 150 American White Pelicans were still present on
      Isabella Reservoir.

      Happy & Productive Birding,


      Bob Barnes, Outreach Director
      Audubon-California's Kern River Preserve
      P.O. Box 953, Weldon, CA 93283
      FedEx/UPS: 18747 Hwy. 178, Weldon, CA 93283
      E-mail: krpfriends@...
      Phone: (760) 378-3044
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