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18 Apr 08 - Oasis 18 to Migrant Corner

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  • Bob Barnes
    Hi, Scouting for the April 30-May 6 Kern River Valley Spring Nature Festival birding from the oasis located 18 miles south on Kelso Valley Road from CA Hwy.
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      Scouting for the April 30-May 6 Kern River Valley Spring Nature
      Festival birding from the oasis located 18 miles south on Kelso
      Valley Road from CA Hwy. 178 across from the entrance to Audubon
      California's Kern River Preserve in Weldon, Kern County, Southern
      Sierra Nevada, then Audubon California's Kelso Creek Sanctuary
      located on both sides of Kelso Valley Road 15 miles south of Hwy.
      178, then Frog Spring located on BLM road SC47 1/4-1/2 mile east of
      Kelso Valley Road and 14.5 miles south of Hwy. 178, then Rocky Point
      riparian area located on the west side of Kelso Valley Road about 7
      miles south of Hwy. 178, then the Kern River Preserve's Migrant
      Corner Trail off the east side of Sierra Way 1.2 miles north of Hwy.
      178of Onyx of the north side of CA Hwy. 178. Birding conditions were
      favorable for observing with clear skies, bright sun, and no wind.
      Clouds started to move in at the end of the observation period.

      Oasis 18 Highlights: Mountain Quail, California Thrasher, Scott's Oriole,...

      Kelso Creek Sanctuary Highlights: Mountain Quail, Pinyon Jay,
      Golden-crowned Sparrow,...

      Frog Spring Highlights: Migrant diversity - Hammond's Flycatcher,
      Cassin's Vireo, Warbling Vireo, 7 warbler species (Orange-crowned,
      Nashville, Yellow, Yellow-rumped Audubon's, Black-throated Gray
      Townsend's, Wilson's), Western Tanager, Black-headed Grosbeak;
      Scott's Oriole,...

      Rocky Point Highlights: None (10 minute visit)

      Migrant Corner Highlights: Hermit Warbler, Lawrence's Goldfinch,...

      Time/Date: 6:30am-11:30am, Friday, April 18, 2008
      Coverage Key: E-en route, F-Frog Spring, K-Kelso Creek Sanctuary,
      M-Migrant Corner Trail, O-Oasis 18, R-Rocky Point
      Observers: Bob Barnes-Ridgecrest, John Denborg-Denmark, Linda

      KEY: ho - heard only

      Species List: Mallard 4M; Mountain Quail F, K, O (ho - numerous);
      California Quail 6F, 1K, M, O, R; Great Blue Heron 2E; Turkey Vulture
      2E; Red-tailed Hawk 2O; American Kestrel 2E, 2K; Killdeer 1O;
      Mourning Dove 10E, 6F, 4K, 8M, 3O, 2R; White-throated Swift 2F;
      Black-chinned Hummingbird 1M (male); Anna's Hummingbird 1K;
      Ladder-backed Woodpecker 1F (male); Nuttall's Woodpecker 2K, 2M, 1R;
      Hairy Woodpecker 1K; Northern Flicker 2K, 1M, 1R; Hammond's
      Flycatcher 1F; Say's Phoebe 1E; Ash-throated Flycatcher 1F, 4K, 2O,
      2M, 1R; Western Kingbird 5E, Cassin's Vireo 1F, 1M; Warbling Vireo
      1F; Western Scrub-Jay 1O, 1F, 2K, 1M, 1R; Pinyon Jay 14K; Common
      Raven 70E, 2F, 2K, 4M, 1O, 1R; Tree Swallow 4E; Oak Titmouse 1K, 1M,
      1R; Bushtit 2O, Rock Wren 1K; Bewick's Wren 5F, 4K, 1M, 3O, 1R; House
      Wren 2F, 2K, 5M, 1O, 2R; Ruby-crowned Kinglet 2F, 1K, 1M, 1O; Western
      Bluebird 4K; Hermit Thrush 1O; American Robin 1F, 1M; California
      Thrasher 1F, 1O; European Starling 1K, 2M; Orange-crowned Warbler 2F;
      Nashville Warbler 1F; Yellow Warbler 1F, 4M, Yellow-rumped Audubon's
      Warbler 10F, 10K, 10M, 7O, 1R; Black-throated Gray Warbler 1F, 1M;
      Townsend's Warbler 1F; Hermit Warbler 1M; Common Yellowthroat 3M;
      Wilson's Warbler 10F, 5M; Western Tanager 1F; Spotted Towhee 1F, 1K,
      1O, 1R; California Towhee 2K, 1M, 1R; Chipping Sparrow 1F; Brewer's
      Sparrow 6F; Song Sparrow 2F, 5M; Lincoln's Sparrow 1M; White-crowned
      Sparrow 15F, 5K, 4M; Golden-crowned Sparrow 4K; Dark-eyed Junco 1F;
      Black-headed Grosbeak 2F, 4M; Red-winged Blackbird 4F, 2K, 4M;
      Tricolored Blackbird 40E; Western Meadowlark 1M; Bullock's Oriole 2K,
      4M, 1R; Scott's Oriole 1F (male); 1O (ho); House Finch ; Lesser
      Goldfinch 1F, 10M; Lawrence's Goldfinch 5M;...c. species.

      Bob Barnes, Ridgecrest, Kern County

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