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2007 KRV Spring Nature Festival

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  • Bob Barnes
    2007 KRV SPRING NATURE FESTIVAL Friday-Monday, April 27-30, 2007, is set for the 13th Annual Kern River Valley Spring Nature Festival, centered on
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      Friday-Monday, April 27-30, 2007, is set for the 13th Annual Kern
      River Valley Spring Nature Festival, centered on Audubon-California's
      3200+ acre Kern River Preserve in north-central Kern County. Formerly
      known as the BioFest, this festival celebrates an area that has
      garnered international recognition for its natural diversity, one
      that Miyoko Chu, in her book Songbird Journeys: Fours Seasons in the
      Lives of Migratory Birds, highlights as one of two in the Western
      Hemisphere to visit to observe songbirds during spring and summer
      nesting season. Two hundred thirty-seven (237) bird species were
      tallied during last year's four day festival.

      Besides the Kern River Preserve field trip destinations include
      Audubon-California's Kelso Creek Sanctuary, Butterbredt Spring,
      Canebrake Ecological Reserve, Chimney Peak National Backcountry
      Byway, Kern National Wildlife Refuge, and Sequoia National Forest.
      Habitats to be visited and birds on hand are representative of the
      Central Valley, Great Basin, Mojave Desert, and Sierra Nevada. All
      are within a few miles of each other.

      The 2007 KRV Nature Fest's web pages may be found by going to:
      http://kern.audubon.org/bioregionactivities.htm. A full slate of
      field trips is scheduled for all four days of the festival including
      a record five owling trips. Check out the web site to see what is
      already scheduled and visit it periodically through to the April 27th
      start of the festival to see what new has been added.

      Birds are not the only attraction. The Kern River Valley/Southern
      Sierra Nevada is also known widely for its diversity of butterflies,
      mammals, moths, plants, and reptiles. The KRV Nature Fest strives to
      celebrate all the natural diversity of this amazing region through
      children's activities, demonstrations, evening dinner programs, field
      trips, informational exhibits, music, special presentations, and workshops.

      Featured dinner program speakers this year are Fred Heath presenting
      An Introduction to the Butterflies of the Kern River Valley and
      Southern Sierra Nevada and Nature Ali, Alison Sheehey, presenting Big
      Picture in a Small Frame: The Natural History of Kern County and the
      Southern Sierra Nevada.

      Festival artwork this year has once again been provided by John
      Schmitt, internationally known bird artist, feather expert, field
      ornithologist, trip leader, and Kern River Valley resident. John's
      Wrens of the Kern River Valley and Southern Sierra Nevada artwork may
      be previewed on festival web pages.

      Field trip leaders to date are Bob Barnes, Gary File, Mary Freeman,
      Nick Freeman, Fred Heath, Kerncrest Audubon Society members, Fletcher
      Linton, Dan Lockshaw, Michael McQuerrey, Gary Potter, Roy Poucher,
      John Schmitt, Alison Sheehey, Steve Sosensky, Southern Sierra
      Research Station staff, Bob Steele, Susan Steele, and Reed
      Tollefson. If you are willing to help out, please reply to me
      off-line at bbarnes@.... Thank you.

      For more information contact: Alison Sheehey, KRV Spring Nature
      Festival Coordinator (E-mail: krpfriends@..., Phone:
      378-2029), or Bob Barnes, Nature Fest Field Trips Coordinator
      (E-mail: bbarnes@..., Phone: 375-6140).

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