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  • Bob Barnes
    FINAL PRE-COUNTS UPDATE: Kern River Valley and South Fork Valley Christmas Bird Counts (Thank you for your indulgence to this point!)... We are hopeful ALL OF
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 28, 2006
      FINAL PRE-COUNTS UPDATE: Kern River Valley and South Fork Valley
      Christmas Bird Counts (Thank you for your indulgence to this point!)...

      We are hopeful ALL OF YOU can you make it up to the Kern River Valley
      to see out the old year 2006 at this coming Sunday, December 31st's
      Christmas Bird Count (CBC) and/or the South Fork Valley CBC on
      Saturday, December 30th. The weather is forecasted to be ideal
      (fingers crossed). Last minute counters welcome.

      We have pretty thorough, but lean, coverage of each count circle. By
      lean, we mean we have count parties covering huge territories that
      could definitely stand more counters or even be divided up by team
      captain. To give you an idea of what I mean by lean, I have outlined
      below the TWO territories I will attempt to count on Sunday.

      SUBJECT AREAS BELOW: Greenhorn Mountains, Raven Roost Count, Sierra
      Way (South Fork portion) territories, and a list of Team Captains &
      their 11 territories as defined for Sunday's Kern River Valley CBC.

      RSVP if you can come on up and help. Thank you.

      We are especially in need of people who would like to cover the
      Greenhorn Mountains all day or in the morning to look for and count
      those montane species which will not be found elsewhere in the count
      circle. Finding these species is critical to a high species count
      (138 species last year).

      The final hour+ of daylight on Sunday, we are placing counters near
      known roosting sites to count Common Ravens coming into roost for the
      night. Some years the Kern River Valley CBC has led the nation in
      Common Ravens. We are aiming to get the best count possible this year.

      I am currently covering two territories along Sierra Way, from Hwy.
      178 in Weldon north and west to the point that separates Isabella
      Reservoir's South Fork arm from the North Fork arm. I could use help
      covering the following areas...
      ***Ag. fields bordering Sierra Way in Weldon
      ***Prince's Pond
      ***Sierra Way Bridge/the first 200 yards (+ or -) of the Migrant Corner Trail
      ***Sierra Way from the bridge to the South Fork Wildlife Area (north side)
      ***South Fork Wildlife Area (north side, mudflats, and interior)
      ***Hanning Flat
      ***Isabella Reservoir from Hanning Flat to the west end of the territory
      ***Robinson Cove
      ***Stine Cove
      ***From Stine Cove to Rocky Point

      The above are great areas to bird. Frank Gibson and I covered them
      last year and had great success with c. 85 species and lots of great
      birding experiences.

      Let me know if you can join me next Sunday (or cover the Greenhorns,
      and/or help count ravens). There should be some great photographic
      opportunities, too!

      If you would like to cover a different territory from the above
      three, let me know and I will put you in touch with one of the Team
      Captains or Count Compiler Alison Sheehey.

      1. Denise LaBerteaux (Saddle Springs Road, Bodfish Pass to old Kern
      Cyn south of Hwy 178 plus Black Gulch

      2. Marya Miller (Bodfish, Lake Isabella all streets and parks to
      Isabella off-ramp at E. Norris Road, Erskine Creek as far up as you can go).

      3. Scott & Trude Frazer (Main Dam campground, Isabella Visitor
      Center, Auxiliary Dam, Yankee Canyon, South Fork Campground, Paradise
      Cove, Piney Point).

      4. Alison Sheehey (Weldon, Mtn. Mesa, South Lake, west South Fork
      Wildlife Area).

      5. Bob Barnes (Sierra Way in Weldon, Prince Pond, Migrant Corner, SF
      Wildlife Area north side & interior).

      6. Bob Barnes (Sierra Way, N of SF Wildlife Area - Hanning Flat to
      Rocky Point).

      7. Frank Gibson (Kernville, Camp 9 to the Fish Hatchery including
      Cyrus Canyon).

      8. John Schmitt (Evans Road/Hwy.155 - Greenhorn to Wofford Heights
      Park - east to Kernville bridge - feeder
      watcher coordinator area 8 & 9).

      9. Bob and Susan Steele (Alta Sierra - Old State Road, North Fork
      Marina, Sawmill Road, Hwy 155 Evans to French
      Gulch marina).

      10. Peter Woodman (Keyesville down to Black Gulch north as far up
      toward Greenhorn Creek).

      11. Reed Tollefson (Isabella Reservoir by boat).

      Regardless, Happy New Year!


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