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looking for condors in all the right places

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  • Ali Sheehey
    Hi all A day scouring the western slopes of Kern County finally paid off with 2 condors spotted at a distance from Cerro Noroeste Road in the Bittercreek
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 8, 2006
      Hi all

      A day scouring the western slopes of Kern County finally paid off with 2
      condors spotted at a distance from Cerro Noroeste Road in the Bittercreek
      National Wildlife Refuge. It took a great amount of patience as we waited a
      few hours in the morning and then took a trip up to the Los Padres, hoping
      to find the condors on their return trip to the refuge as we apparently
      missed their morning lift off. At around 4:00 p.m. we finally spotted 2
      condors cresting a ridge in the center of the refuge. Along with the
      condors; ravens, red-tailed hawks, American kestrels, a Merlin, a cooper's
      hawk, and a golden eagle were enjoying the ride along the ridgeline.

      In total even though we really weren't birding heavily, we observed at least
      49 species including several American Dippers in the very low waters of the
      Kern River Canyon. Below you will find the list of the day's birds. The
      route was Hwy 178, to Kern Canyon Road (where we saw at least 400 kettling
      Turkey Vultures) to Hwy 58, to Stockdale Hwy, to Old River Road, to Hwy 166,
      to Cerro Noroeste Road, to Frazier Park Road, to Cerro Noroeste, to Hwy 33
      (west then east), to Hwy 119, to Tupman Road, to the Tule Elk Reserve where
      we saw the Burrowing Owl.

      Gadwall - Frazier Park area
      Mallard - Frazier Park area
      Ruddy Duck - Buena Vista area
      California Quail - all over
      Pied-billed Grebe - Frazier Park area
      American White Pelican - Tule Elk Reserve
      Great Egret - Tule Elk Reserve
      White-faced Ibis - Tule Elk Reserve
      Turkey Vulture - several places
      California Condor - Bittercreek Refuge
      Osprey - Buena Vista area
      Northern Harrier - several places
      Cooper's Hawk - several places
      Red-shouldered Hawk
      Red-tailed Hawk - all over
      Golden Eagle - Bittercreek Refuge
      American Kestrel - all over
      Merlin - Bittercreek Refuge
      American Coot - Frazier Park area
      Killdeer - several places
      California Gull - Tule Elk Reserve
      Mourning Dove - several places
      Burrowing Owl - Tule Elk Reserve
      Anna's Hummingbird - Frazier Park area
      Red-breasted Sapsucker - Frazier Park area
      Northern Flicker - Tule Elk Reserve
      Black Phoebe - several places
      Say's Phoebe - Tule Elk Reserve
      Steller's Jay - Frazier Park area
      Western Scrub-Jay - Bittercreek Refuge
      American Crow - several places
      Common Raven - all over
      Horned Lark - Bittercreek Refuge
      Mountain Chickadee - Frazier Park area
      Oak Titmouse - Frazier Park area
      American Dipper - Kern Canyon
      Western Bluebird - Bittercreek Refuge
      American Robin - Frazier Park area
      Northern Mockingbird - several places
      Le Conte's Thrasher - Petroleum Club Road
      European Starling - several places
      Spotted Towhee - Bittercreek Refuge
      California Towhee - Bittercreek Refuge
      White-crowned Sparrow - several places
      Red-winged Blackbird - several places
      Western Meadowlark - Bittercreek Refuge
      Brewer's Blackbird - several places
      House Finch - Bittercreek Refuge
      Lesser Goldfinch - Bittercreek Refuge
      House Sparrow - several places

      Mammals of the day were:
      Merriam's Chipmunk
      Lodgepole Chipmunk
      San Joaquin Antelope Squirrel
      California Ground Squirrel
      Desert Woodrat
      Tule Elk
      Mule Deer
      Desert Cottontail
      Black-tailed Jackrabbit

      Alison Sheehey
      P.O. Box 153
      Weldon, CA 93283

      http://natureali.org <http://natureali.org/> - "Sharing the magic of
      central California's biodiversity with the world."
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