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997Northern Parula, Chestnut-sided Warbler, Grace's Warbler

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  • KRPFriends
    Jul 3, 2004
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      NORTHERN PARULA - A singing male of this species continues to be seen in the
      vicinity of the Sierra Way Bridge over the South Fork Kern River in Weldon.
      ***Fr, 2 Jul 04, from the river bed at the cross fence upstream from the
      (Ashley Sutton).
      ***Su, 27 Jun 04, from along the west side of Sierra Way in the first 200
      meters/yards south from the bridge (Steve Howell, Michael O'Brien, Louise
      ***Mo, 21 Jun 04, just west of Sierra Way and south of the bridge (Matt
      ***Th, 10 Jun 04, from along the Migrant Corner Trail just before the cross
      fence (Ashley Sutton).

      CHESTNUT-SIDED WARBLER - A singing male of this species was found and observed
      on Tu, 22 Jun 04 along the edge of the east side of Fay Ranch Road from just
      south of the bridge over the South Fork Kern River to a willow tree growing
      midway in the river channel (Tim Shelmerdine). It has not been reported since.
      However, the Yellow Warblers present along the South Fork vary tremendously in
      their songs. This species might be overlooked as a Yellow Warbler when heard.

      GRACE'S WARBLER - Last report from Chimney Creek Campground was Tu, 29 Jun 04.
      The bird was in the vicinity of the restroom located west northwest of the
      Campground Host's Site and west for about 50 meters/yards. It sang and gave
      chip notes very infrequently. All but one tail feather is missing with the
      result that this bird might stay put until new tail feathers grow. Bob Barnes,
      Jon Dunn, Michael O'Brien.

      Other Summer 2004 Bird Sightings

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