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39536/29/14 Early Morning South Fork Valley

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  • Bob Barnes
    Jun 30, 2014
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      5:15am-6:20am yesterday (Sunday, June 29, 2014) Kim Kuska and I birded a
      portion of Fay Ranch and Paul's Place in Weldon in the South Fork Kern
      River Valley at c. 2650' in the southern Sierra Nevada before heading
      off for Kernville for the second of this past weekend's butterfly
      counts. Skies were clear and the temperature was a comfortable 61
      degrees Fahrenheit. The goal was to pick up VERMILION FLYCATCHER,
      BROWN-CRESTED FLYCATCHER, and CASSIN'S KINGBIRD. We succeeded with all
      three species.

      The BROWN-CRESTED FLYCATCHER continued alongside Fay Ranch Rd in the
      vicinity of the bridge over the South Fork Kern River dry riverbed.

      The male VERMILION FLYCATCHER continued in the row of cottonwood trees
      along the south side of CA Hwy 178 east of Fay Ranch Rd and the South
      Fork Elementary School in the vicinity of the End of School Zone sign.

      The two adult CASSIN'S KINGBIRDS continued just west of Paul's Place the
      store along Paul's Place the road in the vicinity of their nest (tree
      with mailbox leaning against it). One of the kingbirds went to the nest
      where it engaged in feeding "pumping" behavior with an undetermined
      number of young from the top side of the nest before settling on the
      nest. The young could not be counted due to the height of the nest above
      the ground.

      Bob Barnes, Ridgecrest, Kern County, California

      Cell: 760-382-1260