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3939Silver Saddle, Butterbredt, Cerro Coso

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  • quailnut
    May 30, 2014
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      I spent several hours at Gallileo from 6:15 this morning and saw lots of willow and pacific-slope flycatchers and yellow warblers but no eastern vagrants. Only Ken and Brenda Kyle. Over at Butterbredt it was very quiet with only one warbler (wilson's) and the mountain quail brood is down to 2 chicks apparently. At Cerro Coso in Ridgecrest this afternoon in the sculpture garden the wind had picked up and there were no warblers of any kind around, but I heard what I thought was an american redstart sing once before the resident pair of cooper's hawks came in to quiet things down. I did find and photograph an ovenbird in the south end of the pine grove on the east side of the lawn and lost it when it flew south towards the other pine grove by the big parking lot. That was the only eastern vagrant for the whole day. Gary Woods-Fresno