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3938Ridgecrest White-winged Doves

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  • Bob Barnes
    May 25, 2014

      There are at least FOUR White-winged Doves in and right around our yard
      here in Ridgecrest. Yesterday, Encar saw three in our west neighbor's
      cottonwood tree with favored perches on several leafless branches while
      hearing yet another individual calling in the distance. Today we both
      saw three on the ground and our our backyard trellis from the
      air-conditioned comfort of our adjoining family room.

      Regarding nesting attempts, Encar saw White-winged Doves carrying
      nesting material into the olive tree in just over the wall/fence in our
      south borderying neighbor's yard right after the nest in the front yard
      failed. She also saw a White-winged Dove carry nesting material into a
      heavily leafed portion of the cottonwood tree in our west neighbor's
      yard. Those nests will not be found due to inaccessibility and inability
      to see into the possible nesting areas.

      If anyone wishes to add White-winged Dove to their Kern County life
      list, year list, or just to hear and see one or more for any other
      reason, feel free to check from the sidewalks bordering our property. We
      live at 1009 Las Cruces Ave in Ridgecrest on the southwest corner of the
      junction of Las Cruces Ave and El Prado St. The large cottonwood may be
      viewed over our fence from El Prado and from to the right of our
      attached garage when facing it from the street. White-winged Doves may
      also be heard and/or seen to the east of El Prado and more rarely to the
      north of Las Cruces.

      Bob Barnes, Ridgecrest, Kern County, California

      Cell: 760-382-1260