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3883So Fk Kern Spring Rapid Assessment Moved to Sat, 5/10/14

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  • Bob Barnes
    Apr 22, 2014
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      The South Fork Kern River Spring Rapid Assessment Bird Count has been
      changed to Sa, May 10 due to scheduling conflicts with SSRS avian survey
      work on Tejon Ranch on Th-Fr, May 8-9. Also, there are birders who
      contacted me and told me they could participate on the 10th. I expect
      more to indicate their intention to participate once they receive notice
      of the new day/date on the weekend instead of during the work week.

      The Saturday morning rapid assessment will consist of continental
      breakfast, the dawn to 11:30am or so count, picnic lunch and preliminary
      species count and highlights, and the afternoon for follow-up birding or
      heading home or the next birding destination.

      Any birder who wishes to participate will be most welcome and are
      encouraged to do so. The count should be quite an event with spring
      migrants encountered throughout the South Fork Kern River Valley
      riparian forest and margins. Needless to say, I am very excited to see a
      one spring morning long snapshot secured of bird presence/absence and
      numbers of individuals tallied. I think the results will be impressive
      as the South Fork Kern River Fremont cottonwood and red willow riparian
      forest has shown consistent indications that it is a major migratory
      stopover location for spring migrant songbirds.

      For those who wish to census for owls (Barn, Western Screech, Great
      Horned, Long-eared known to nest in the forest) beyond those found
      during daylight, owling anytime during the 2am-dawn period is
      encouraged. Let me know so coordination can take place.

      Regardless, Happy & Productive 2014 Spring Birding Wherever You Go!


      Bob Barnes, Coordinator

      Cell: 760-382-1260