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38825/1-4/14 Kern Birdiest & 5/9/14 Spring Count

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  • Bob Barnes
    Apr 22, 2014



      • 3:30pm, Thu-3:30pm, Sun, May 1-4 Kern Birdiest Big Birding "Weekend"
      • Fri am, May 9 South Fork Kern River Valley Rapid Assessment Spring Bird Count
      ***3:30pm, Thu-3:30pm, Sun, May 1-4 Kern Birdiest Big Birding Weekend - Many, many, many of you have helped Kern County earn America's Birdiest Inland County recognition numerous past years. The 2014 dates are now set. We'll see then if 2013's record 251 species total will be equaled or broken. If not, we will still get to see what birds are out and about May 1-4. Kerncrest Audubon Society will be holding their annual bird-a-thon on May 3 which will add lots of observers and species to the Kern Birdiest total. UPDATES YOUR WAY TO, THROUGH, AND AFTER THIS EVENT. 

      ***Fri am, May 9 South Fork Kern River Valley Rapid Assessment Spring Bird Count - This is new. It is during prime time for birding in Kern County and California. It is not known how many birders will choose to participate as a result. Even so, this event will take place and is sponsored by Audubon California's Kern River Preserve and the Southern Sierra Research Station in order to try and get a better handle on spring migration passage and usage in the South Fork Kern River Valley. Thousands and thousands of migrant song birds use the South Fork Kern River Valley cottonwood and willow riparian forest as a major migratory pass through and stopover area. There has never been an intensive survey of this entire area in spring. If you can/will set aside the morning of Friday, May 9th to join Bob Barnes, Kern River Preserve staff Sean Rowe, Reed Tollefson, and Sandra Wieser, plus Southern Sierra Research Station Research Director Mary Whitfield and her staff in birding for a purpose, you will be most welcome. Understanding spring migration in this important birding area will increase as a result of this snapshot in time and any subsequent rapid assessments scheduled for future springs. One morning-continental breakfast provided, count, picnic lunchtime species countdown. DETAILS YOUR WAY MID-APRIL TO, THROUGH, AND AFTER THIS EVENT. PLEASE CONTACT me if you plan to participate!

        Continued Happy & Productive Birding,


        Bob Barnes, Ridgecrest, Kern Co., CA
        24/7 cell phone number: 760-382-1260
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