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3832331 Known Participants! 2013 Kern Co. eBird Year In Review

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  • Bob Barnes
    Jan 7, 2014
      2013 Kern Co. eBird Year In Review

      ***California eBird Web Site:
      ***Monthly and Annual Species Total for each month and year for 2011, 2012, and 2013
      ***Discussion via Bullet Points
      ***List of at least 331 which/who have lists entered in eBird for 2013 for Kern County

      ***California eBird Web Site
      (http://ebird.org/content/ebird/ca) for all kinds of data characterizations and how to join in if you care to do so. Except for the value of time and effort involved, it is all available free of monetary charge; allowing access to: review of data submitted from all over the world, rare bird alerts, feature articles, personal lists from life lists to specific area lists, and a venue for contributing to a data-base of world-wide submissions in a "Think Globally, Act Locally" manner.

      ***Species reported for each month for 2011, 2012, and 2013; year total for 2011, 2012, and 2013; and All Time totals for each month and year for all years combined back to earliest entry from the 1960s:
      2011:      J-197, F-192, M-205, A-243, M-256, J-223, J-197, A-201, S-238, O-239, N-195, D-202, Y-338
      2012:      J-187, F-182, M-214, A-243, M-259, J-238, J-212, A-212, S-228, O-226, N-188, D-193, Y-327
      2013:      J-177, F-189, M-205, A-237, M-277, J-228, J-198, A-208, S-224, O-210, N-177, D-174, Y-309
      All Time: J-230, F-228  M-258, A-300, M-344, J-313, J-266, A-268, S-322, O-322, N-268, D-252, Y-416 

      ***Discussion via Bullet Points:
      • 309 species were listed on eBird for Kern County in 2013.
      • A new total species high count was set for one month out of twelve: May (by 18 species! - 277 species in May 2013 vs. the 259 species former high from May 2012).
      • One hundred ninety-two species plus have been reported in each calendar month at least once with two hundred two species plus having now been reported in nine calendar months at least once.
      • 416 species have been reported all time for Kern County. One new species was added to the Kern County list in 2013. A GRACE'S WARBLER was found at Cerro Coso Community College in Ridgecrest just before Noon on May 5, observed by at least nine observers, and photographed by four of those observers during its short two+ hour period of detection.
      • 300+ species have been reported for five months: May-344, September-321, October-320, and June-313, plus April with 300 joined the group in 2013.
      • Twenty-one locations now have data entered into the eBird database for every week of the year including California City Central Park, Canebrake Ecological Reserve, Cerro Coso Community College, China Lake Ponds, Desert Memorial Park, Galileo Hill, Inyokern--Middlemiss, Inyokern Water Treatment Plant, Isabella Reservoir, Kern National Wildlife Refuge, Kern River County Park, Kern River Preserve (3 specific locations-Fay Ranch Rd, Headquarters, Sierra Way), Ridgecrest Watchable Wildlife Park, and Tillie Creek Campground.
      • BLM and Kerncrest Audubon Society volunteers conducted six per season (late March through early June) point counts in Indian Wells Canyon and Sand Canyon in the now-designated Southern Sierra Desert Canyons Important Bird Area in 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2012. The data from 1996-2012 Indian Wells Canyon  point counts have now been entered into the eBird database with Sand Canyon up next reflecting observations made by BLM biologists Shelley Ellis and Bob Parker, plus Kerncrest Audubon Society volunteers Linda Anderson, Dan Burnett, Terri Gallion, Ron Garland, Charlotte Goodson, Don Goodson, Ellene Gravelle, Noel Gravelle, Lisa Lavelle, Terri Middlemiss, Terry Millet, Joyce Schlachter, Joyce Seibold, Cody Sutton, Lee Sutton, Shirley Sutton, and Steven Sutton.
      • Paul Fox's data from twenty-six years worth of Los Angeles Society June/July mostly four day field trips to the Kern River Valley and Southern Sierra  Nevada were entered and have filled in numerous bar chart gaps for both Kern County and Tulare County locations covered by those trips.
      • Cliff Peterson entered numerous lists from the 1986 and other years which has added greatly to the Kern County data reflected for those years.
      • Christine Sparks and Richard Sparks entered nearly 200 lists in 2013; almost all to all for the Bear Valley Springs/Tehachapi area for numerous specific eBird hotpsot locations (e.g.: Brite Lake, Golden Hills Golf Course-abandoned/Tom Sawyer Lake, Hidden Lakes, Tehachapi Mountain Park, Tehachapi Water Treatment Plant) resulting in greatly expanded eBird coverage for the important Kern County birding region in and around Tehachap.
      • Sean Rowe and Bob Barnes have continued to enter data for 1994-2006 annual fall Kern Valley Vulture Watch counts using the Southern Sierra Research Station eBird account with Sean entering vulture data and Bob adding associated bird observations data to Sean's base lists.
      • To view the list of the Top 100 eBirders for Kern County in 2013, go to: http://ebird.org/ebird/ca/top100?locInfo.regionType=subnational2&locInfo.regionCode=US-CA-029&year=2013
      Kern County data sets for bar chart and other eBird status & distribution characterizations were greatly increased in 2013 by the participation of at least 331 birders by/for whom data was entered. Thank you to us all!

      ***List of at least 331 who have lists in the eBird database for 2013 for Kern County:
      James Abernathy, Jeff Acuff, Jan Allen, Richard Armerding, Bill Asteriades, Jackie Austin, Michael Autin, Chris Avison, BB Bainbridge, Kallen Baker, Gwen Baluss, Betsy Bangert, Bob Barnes, Julia Barraclough, Joel Barrett, Robert Bates, Cody Bear, Deborah Beaudet, Ron Beck, David Bell, John Birsner, Gordon Black, J.R. Blair, David Blue, Bob Powers Gateway Preserve, Steve Bogato, Matt Boone, Lance Borgstrom, Shelley Borgstrom, Gilbert Bouchard, Catherine Bourne, Leslie Brandon, Michael Burchett, Daniel Burnett, Encar Card, Shirley Castro, Christopher Charlesworth, Allen Chartier, Bonnie Clarfield-Bylin, Benjamin Clock, Peter Colasanti, Dan Coleman, Roger Coley, James Collier, Dave Compton, Christine Connors, Ken Convery, Dan Cooper, Judy Cooper, Phil Cronin, Bill Cullen, Carol Cunningham, Ron Cyger, Cedric D, Jeff Davis, Jared Dawson, Conley Day, James DeBiase, Roseanna Denton, Nicole Desnoyers, Bruce, Deuel, Val Deveraux, Inez Devlin-Kelly, Colin Dillingham, Jean Dillingham, Peter Dillingham, Randolph Dillingham, Pam Dong, Tracy Drake, Thomas Drescher, Mary Dufrain, Scott Duncan, Jackie Duvall, Linda Easter, Tom Eastman, Tom Edell, Elias Elias, Lynda Elkin, Shelley Ellis, Madi Elsea, Michelle Estrick, Mike Eubank, Peggy Eubank, Dane Fagundes, Karl Fairchild, Phil Farrell, Jon Feenstra, Todd Fellenbaum, Jeffrey Fenwick, Adele Fergusson, Mary Margaret Ferraro, Brian Fisher, Jon Fisher, Graham Floyd, George Folsom, Randolph Fordham, Paul Fox, Noah Gaines, Maureen Geiger, Ron Gillentine, Frank Gilliland, Susan Gilliland, Ryan Gilmore, Steve Glynn, Dave Goodward, Wendy Gordon, Ruth Gravance, Dana Griffin III, Al Guarente, Nissa Guerrero, Lynne Hammonds, Mary Hansen, Jim Hardesty, Cheryl Hargraves, Rob Hargraves, Lauren Harter, Garth Harwood, Ray Hasey, Neil Hayward, Jen Hester, Marilynn Hildebrandt, Diane Hislop, Thomas Hinnebusch, Anke Hodenpijl, Ray Hoff, Nancy Holland, Claus Holzapfel, Greg Homel, Cindy Hopkins, Bill Hubick, Robert Jackson, Shawn Jarvinen, Penny Johnson, Lee Jones, Gerald Kay, John Kelly, Tom Kennedy, Adam Kent, Emily Kimbrough, Chad King, Howard King, Michael King, Pamela Kling, Wayne Klockner, Jared Knickmeyer, Debbie Kroeger, Tony Kurz, Kathy Kuyper, Mei Kwan, Denise LaBerteaux, Caroline Lambert, Arthur Langton, Michael Lanzone, Ashley Leonard, Kelli Levinson, Rose Liebowitz, John Lobel, John Lockhart, Scott Logan, Steve Lombardi, Douglas Long, Jim Lowery, Donna Luallen, Tim Ludwick, Nick Lund, Megan Lundin, Bill Lydecker, Nancy Magnusson, Paula Mande, Barbara Mansfield, Curtis Marantz, Samantha Marois, Wayne Martin, Francesca Massarotto, Bruce Mast, Dan Maxwell, John McCormack, Alec McDonell, Jennie McGuckian, Heather Medvitz, Mary Merriman, Terri Middlemiss, Thomas Miko, Nancy Miller, R Miller, Reid Miller, Scott Miller, Mithilesh Mishra, Jim Moore, Linda Moore, Cyrus Moqtaderi, Justus Morales, Ian Morrisson, Laura Moser, Garrett Moss, Dwigh t Mudry, John Mueller, Brennan Mulrooney, Robert Nelson, Richard Norton, Chet Ogan, Kris Ohlenkamp, Francis Oliver, John Oliver, Nathan Osbourne, Jessica Oswald, Nancy Overholtz, Ron Overholtz, Matthew Page, Michael Park, Debby Parker, Jim Parker, Jim Parks, Julie Patterson, Teresa Pegan, David Pereksta, Kaaren Perry, Kimberly Perkins, Cliff Peterson, Scot Pipkin, Linda Pittman, Ken Poerner, Matt Pope, Harper Potts, Hugh Powell, Phoebe Prather, David Quadhamer, Pamela Quittmeyer, Peter Ralph, Kay Regester, E.J. Remson, Sue Riffe, David Roberts, Arthur Robinson, Dominique Roche, Victoria Rodriguez, MaryLu Rogers, Diane Rose, Steve Rose, Julie Rowe Sean Rowe, Joe Russell, Ryne Rutherford, Shelley Rutkin, Jennifer Rycenga, Allison Salas, San Diego Virtual Ornithologists and Brewologists, Michael San Miguel, Mark Scheel, John Schmitt, Ken Schneider, Margaret Schultz, Beatrix Schwartz, Adam Searcy, Nick Seeger, Luke Seitz, Kevin, Seymour, SFVAS Hi Desert Birdathon, Shailee Shah, A lison Sheehey, Patricia Shoupe, Dessi Sieburth, Dany Sloan, Andrew Smith, Maggie Smith, Southwest Bird Study Club, Lizabeth Southworth, Christine Sparks, Richard Sparks, Ginger Spinelli, Lynn Stafford, Justyn Stahl, Jerre Stallcup, Jane Stavert, Bob Steele, Susan Steele, Sonia Stephens, John Sterling, Damaris Stoddard, Sam Stoddard, Dan Stoebel, Pamela Stones, Greg Stuart, Brian Sullivan, Steve Summers, Lee Sutton, Tracy Swartz, Jesse Swift, Sarah Termondt, Linda Terrill, Ryan Terrill, Scott Terrill, Bill Thiessen, Sarah Thomas, Don Thorton, Marge Thorton, Paul Thut, Priscilla Thut, Jim Tietz, Colleen Tolle, Reed Tollefson, Michelle Townsley, Christine Turnbull, Patricia Turner, David Vander Pluym, Norm Vargas, Brandy Vencel, Kimberly Vespa, Chuck Von Rospach, Michael Wahl, Jake Walker, Nat Weber, Linda Wentz, Michael Westbeld, Elaine White, Mary Whitfield, Jan Wilson, Grace Wong, Peter Woodman, Gary Woods, Callyn Yorke, Marion Young, Nathaniel Young, Gena Zolotar, Jeff Zolotar, Maya Zolotar, Karen Zumwalt, Ben Zyla, plus one Anonymous Observer and three Unknown Observers,...

      Serving as the messenger,

      Bob Barnes, Ridgecrest, Kern County, California
      24/7 Cellular Phone Number: 760-382-1260